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LA Weekly Detour + Caltrans- 10.08.06

It’s all a bit of a blur this morning. The usual loud people filled music/street festival type of a morning after blur. You know what i mean. The surprising thing was this was in LA. I’m used to them almost anywhere BUT here, strange isn’t it? And then as you stumble around the kitchen reaching for some water, your eyes start to focus on the front page of the LA Times, and then theres that moment of, OH. Right. LA Weekly Detour Festival yesterday. There was some pretty cool art there - surprisingly put on by Caltrans (more pics below).

Check out this LA Times article about how LA (downtown especially) is changing… there were 4 massive events going on in downtown yesterday apparently (this certainly explains the INSANE traffic all night long) ~ Game at Dodger Stadium, Game at the Coliseum, Moon Festival in Chinatown, AND the LA Weekly Detour. Wow. Suddenly i’m amazed i got in/out alive. For a great description of what the scene was like, read the LA Times Article. Best quote “For an afternoon, the center of LA seemed suddenly awash in hipness. Unlike the button-down workday crowd, the visitors were a mass of skinny jeans, slouchy boots and oversized sunglasses.” This multi stage festival even veered into St. Vibiana’s cathedral (same place the GOOD Mag party was held)… only this time we caught VHS or Beta spinning and there were many black leather couches to chill out on. Beck and his marionettes were cute too.

But back to art. Chickenwire-frame/plastic wrap car… mangled casts of bodies under a flag… seahorses… neon light maddness… lots of projection art… and performance are in the Caltrans plaza, more pics below.






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I live in the Higgins Building, amidst all the madness, and though it was madness to get around that day, DETOUR gave us free entry. But downtown LA did feel hip that night. Thanks for the post!

----- Jonathan 11.10.06 23:14

The art piece with the plaster bodies and the flag was pretty moving.

The bands at Detour were great, especially Wired All Wrong and Basement Jaxx.

----- Mbeanis N Alzin 09.10.06 12:37

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