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Lego Cocktail Party- 10.04.06

Today’s finds make me want the throw a lego cocktail party. Apparently lego readily facilitates this by offering Ice Cube Trays, Coasters (can’t you imagine people marking their drinks/coasters by putting the lego guy of their choice on it to claim it?), Bottle Opener+Corkscrews, and Salt and Pepper Shakers that are heads. More images below. (and check out the bottom of the bottle opener, i’m disappointed that i cant attach it to the corkscrew when i’m not using it.)

I wonder if you can build with the ice… like a mini lego igloo?


Bottle Opener!

Coasters! Or mini platforms to build upon while drinking? Build a fort around your drink?

Salt & Pepper Heads!

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hey, I know I’m late to this thread (by about 8 months) but never the less… I made it!

Nice post, and if they are still available, I am off to buy me some. They look great don’t they!


----- Local 18.01.07 20:46

if you were to buy 2 trays couldn[‘tyou stack one upon another and create the indents etc. etc.??……

----- JPD 13.10.06 06:28

When you throw this party…tell me!

----- Sara 07.10.06 13:26

If only the ice cube tray had a backing would make indents on the underside of the cubes so that the cubes could be stackable when frozen! That would be even better.

----- MATT 05.10.06 14:33

If only this were sold to customers ordering from the US, I would love to buy it for the science fiction and hacker convention Penguicon! It would be a great addition to our homebrew OpenCola!

----- Matt Arnold 05.10.06 08:11

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