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NOTCOT.org #019- 10.05.06

I think i’m aging faster lately because these .org roundups are how i measure time, and it feels like they are every other day practically. You too? Or maybe thats just me?

My mom has been one of the biggest sources of inspiration, as well as one of the most influential design sources to both my sister and I, so you can’t imagine how happy i am that she reads and loves the site, and even offered to pick this week’s .org roundup! So here we have some of her picks of clean minimalistic/utilitarian design choices… from compartmentalized recycling/trash bins, functional tiles, pasta plates, dominoes, and print-a-toast.

(l-r, 1558, 1588, 1586, 1600, 1583)


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Is it possible to know if you have an italian distributor for EGG CUBER?
Thanks in advance
Margherita GIANOLA Italy

----- margherita Gianola 26.11.07 05:15

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