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Giveaway Week 1: ThisNext- 11.20.06

If you were wondering why we went a bit quiet this weekend… well, had some coding to learn, some designing to do, and our first Holiday Sponsorship/Giveaway/Survey to launch! As with all things NOTCOT, this is yet another little experiment. This is our way of giving back to everyone… some of our favorite companies get some exposure, readers get to win goodies, and we hopefully get to learn a little about who you guys are! (i have a tendency to be extremely curious about such things). So look forward to 4 weeks of fun prizes (a sponsor a week) with a combined value of ~$1500!

Week 1: is kicked off by ThisNext. You were some of the first to hear about their launch, heard about BlogIt before it even went live, and many of you have contributed to my ThisNext tags on the front page by tagging things ‘notcot’… chatting with Craig Ogg (ThisNext CTO) about this sponsorship, he reminded me to give you all a big THANKS! from ThisNext for all the great products you’ve been recommending over there ~ if you check out the site, you’ll notice lots of great design finds (and SO much more). I’m also excited to share a new section of the site: GIFT GUIDES! (more about the brand spankin’ new guides below.)

The items in the “Holiday Gift Pack” from ThisNext are all from Alyson, our Outreach coordinator’s Cocktails are for Coping list by at ThisNext. [ooh, and since this was made with BlogIt, you can click on any of the items to read more about them.] Being a recommendation shopping site, naturally they are giving away products users love!

Now about those GIFT GUIDES! I was talking about, it’s another almost done, work in progress i’ve been working on with them… and with so many users making great lists of products on the site, it would be a waste not to harness those recommendations to help us all get through the holiday shopping season. So check it out, more categories to go up in the next few days, and if you’re feeling inspired, even make your own guide!


Thanks again ~ for supporting NOTCOT the last year and a bit ~ and please don’t forget to take the survey! The more honest the better, and feel free to tell your friends… also i’ve set this up so you only have to take the survey once, and you’ll be entered in the drawing every week thereafter! Good luck!

p.s. And i’m going to do one extra giveaway, picking from the registered .org users, so if you haven’t been contributing there, but wanted to, now’s a great time!

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I LOVE your page, its my favourite on the web, I tell everyone I love about it!


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