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Single Speed - CANVAS- 11.17.06

Canvas Messenger Bags from Timbuk2. Hot out of the inbox, Timbuk2 just announced their new Single Speed line of bags: 6 bags; shown above are the Courier and Laptop Courier ~ there is also the Musette (modeled off the bicycle racer feed bag, thin and taller than it is wide), Relay (fatty musette thats more squarish), Slant (your asymetrical bike bag), and the Toe Clip (a large square messenger bag).

Ok, so i might have gotten a little link happy there. But i’m excited about their new line ~ finally something different in the messenger bag genre… Although part of why i love these so far is that they are a nice throwback to the old army surplus bags (i had a black one in high school i LOVED, until the canvas finally tore from the weight of everything). Also, this one doesn’t have velcro like my Chrome and the other Timbuk2s… so quieter during meetings… a bit hard to tell how these Toe Clip’s work though. Also i wonder how this would hold up in weather? I’m almost surprised there isn’t a hemp version. Anyhow, will get back with more info when i see one of these in person someday, But nice first impression.


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