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Giveaway Week 2: Untangled Life- 11.26.06

FREE WIFI PHONE! Did that get your attention? Just incase you haven’t filled out the survey, or told your other friends to do it yet, thought it was about time to give you another reason to! This week we will be picking a winner for Untangled Life’s generous giveaway of the Netgear Wifi Skype phone.

In case you’ve been hiding in a hole lately, this is no ordinary skype phone… it doesn’t need a computer! just a wifi connection you can start calling up everyone you know around the world… the epitome of wirelessness - and just the perfect gift from the boys of Untangled Life ~ since this device is a great example of how their store will help you and your loved ones (or ones who annoy you with cries for tech help) get untangled. (More on why i love these guys below…)

Before this sounds like a sales pitch, because it sometimes does when i start to gush about a brand, company, product i love… i begged these guys to come partake in the NOTCOT giveaway… for two reasons 1) LOVE what they are doing (and they’ve got good stuff we all want) and 2) i’m somewhat obsessed with the design talents of Rand Denny, and wanted to see his handiwork in the tags.

But what really impresses me besides their great selection of products… are the way they handle their customers. With a hands on, one to one relationship between customer and store contact, they really do help customers from the decision making/shopping point, through problems they might run into when trying to use it. I kid not when i say i’d feel comfortable sending my least tech-savvy friends and family to them… you know they’ll be in good hands.

And on perspective - they are such a fresh perspective on the tech shopping realm - take a look at the images below that i snagged from their Thanksgiving homepage!




(This one cracks me up…. i can only imagine the day i’m saying “back in my day, we used DIAL UP”… oh wait, we’re already saying that…)

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