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Think! Review- 11.28.06

Every web bubble need its chair. It’s a new bubble and web 2.0 is more eco conscious ~ and the chair to have is now the Steelcase Think! (it’s 99% recyclable) Round one had the Aeron Chair (and proof that their time has passed is the number of them you can find on SFC Craigslist being liquidated at any given time).

While an overabundance of options were prevalent back then, we’re into streamlining, flexibility, and focusing on the needs of users. [i have been trained by past colleagues not to even begin messing with their aeron settings- its worse than touching someones car seat adjustments before saved settings.] It’s been about a week now, and the Think has changed my back… you can only imagine how many hours i am at a computer when not running around… and being an obsessive on aesthetics - gorgeous and ergonomic basically used to equal that “other” chair i promise not to mention in this article anymore. So my recommendation this year for the backs of your computer-tethered friends, THINK! (The name is great, others in the line are Leap and Scoop)

My favorite aspects of this chair (other than that i love the way it looks in person even MORE than in a picture, so go find a showroom and go poke, prod, and bounce on it) ~ are the seat and back “flexors” (the silver rods you see in the center skeleton pic up there) they make it ridiculously comfortable since they give to your every move, and not too much or too little, but just enough. AND i’m the kind of 5’4” girl who likes to sit cross legged every now and then, and with the shape of the seat i can do so without feeling like i’m possibly going to flip over (not all super ergo chairs handle this well). See below for images of the unboxing, more pictures, and more about this designer masterpiece.


There are three rules as you flip through the Think brochure:
rule #1: Think before you create.
rule #2: Think about the user.
rule #3: Think about the future.

These are certainly rules to live by and design by.

Regarding the first two rules, it really shows that the designers (Glen Oliver Low, McDonough Braunguart Design Chemistry and the Institute of Product Development in Copenhagen, Denmark) followed these philosophies… this chair is flexible for individual use OR meeting use… it is “uncomplicated and intuitive”. With more than enough ways to customize your seating, they also managed to streamline options enough that it is not hard to get back to your setting once someone messes with it. Standard up and down. The seat itself even moves forwards and backwards (think car seat). Armrests swivel to and fro. But most interesting is the knob you can twist to adjust how far you can lean… it has 4 settings - weight activated, weight activated +20% boost in resistance, mid stop recline, and upright back lock. I love swapping between them as i work. And they actually tested this to work with people of varying heights, weights, and sizes to get it all right. And having tried quite a few people in it - they’ve all loved it so far.


Now for that third rule… the future. Design didn’t end with aesthetics and functionality ~ they specifically worked with the McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry and the Institute for Product Development in Denmark to select only environmentally safe materials and conduct Life Cycle Assessments respectively. And the result is a 99% recyclable chair. Steelcase even has their Steelcase Environmental Partnership to assist you in responsibly taking your chair to the “next phase in its lifecycle - be it resale or refurbishing, donation to charity, or recycling.”


Here are a few more pics (not mine!) of the Think in the wild…


CONCLUSION: My back and i are thoroughly impressed… more so hands on than with the images even… and it can be quite pretty (love the 3D mesh back model over the others). It’s good for your body, your office (aesthetically speaking), and our ecosystem. And every time you say its name, it makes you Think. (cheesy i know, but you can’t tell me when you say the name it doesn’t make you…. Think.)

Steelcase Think

6 Notes

I love this chair and read great things about it, but would like to know if the armrests are padded or made of plastic. I do a lot of drawing on the computer and thus move my arms quite a bit, which tends to rub uncomfortably on my forearms and elbow on my current chair with a plastic armrest. Thanks!

----- Kristin 07.12.08 14:29

Recently we got these chairs for all of our staff - we can’t imagine sitting on anything else. Seriously.



----- Aaron 20.06.07 20:31

I think “Kathy” actually is a professional spammer trying to get links for designerseating.com

----- Not KAthy 08.04.07 11:12

I got a used aeron chair by designerseating.com and it was the smartest decision not to buy a brand new one from herman miller.

----- Kathy 11.12.06 04:15

the thing is, you’ll be spending more for your healthcare in 20 years if you *don’t* buy one of these chairs!

----- Emily 07.12.06 17:13

God I am lusting…but alas…I can only wish to have that much $$ to spend on a chair.

----- Catherine 29.11.06 15:27

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