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Buy your DIY- 12.06.06

Ever have one of those days where you feel like making something, but don’t quite feel up to the planning, scheming, home depot-ing? Well for those of you who fall into the “buy your DIY” category, or who need that “personal gift” for someone… PhotoJojo just sent me their latest Photo Blocks Kit (where you can create mix and match puzzle like images), instant postcard photo frames (love the plastic quality of these! and will survive all types of weather!), and their magnetic photo rope.

So, get crafty! I’m in love with their Photorope currently - but i’m a sucker for magnets (never quite did outgrow that phase)… and i’m thinking of coating those Photo Blocks with wrapping paper on one side, and a letter and pictures/collage on the other as a gift. (hm, if i give this to you, act surprised!)

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