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Climate Confusion Assistance- 12.06.06

On different takes on weather changes… German Bless’ No 28 adresses Climate Confusion Assistance through a line of products including this Coyote Hammock (which is really terrible, but visually mesmerizing - so make a faux one!), a hammock that resembles a couch, jogging pants with fishing nets, “ring gloves” (just the finger tips of gloves), scribbly pins and more.

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Well, guess ol’ Wiley is finally R.I.P?

----- Hank von Hammerfest 08.12.06 01:48

This is worth running over all those mutts

----- DEX 07.12.06 07:21

Who needs a bed? Only thing missing is a mink throw and a chinchilla pillow. And sable pajamas.

----- KRiSTOPHER DUKES 06.12.06 19:18

is it real fur?

----- owlsgo 06.12.06 06:51

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