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Giveaway Week 4: Mimoco- 12.11.06

Win ALL THREE GINCHY MIMOBOTS! in their 1gig forms. Aren’t they adorable? My Ramona hangs out under my 23” studio display, and looks like she rules the place. So to win them - same deal as the last three weeks - anyone who filled out our survey is already in the running to win - anyone who hasn’t should really go fill it out! (and tell your friends too!)

So this week of holiday giveaway goodness is sponsored by Mimoco~ i fell for them ages ago, but fell hardest when i met up with Evan and Nicole at Digital life (remember the review?). These are not “just flash drives” nor are they “just collectible toys” - they really are a brilliant hybrid of the two - collectible, and filled with digital goodness in the form of things like Brian McCarty photoshoots of the Ginchy’s - as well as functional USB flash drives for all your music, work, digital needs. And the latest series to covet are the upcoming Star Wars Series… more images below.


So get your pre-orders in! These will surely disappear fast ~ and mimobots are definitely worth stocking up on as backup gifts and stocking stuffers if you’re starting to panic on what to get those left on your shopping lists!

3 Notes

Dear Santa…
i was very nice to everyone a whole year… even to my computer!
Please… bring me one of these minibots! So I can make my data prettier! ^^

sincerely Yours,

----- Reiko Fardreamer 17.12.06 05:54

Sign me up for the big give away. Thanks,

----- Jim McFarlane 13.12.06 18:52

please tell me i’m still in the running for this give away… I’ve been praying santa will bring me a mimobot, but you know how strick santa is about that good/bad list…
Lea Hinchcliff

----- Lea Hinchcliff 11.12.06 12:48

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