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Nissin Cup Noodle- 12.20.06

On nostalgia - i am ok admitting that while i love high end food experiences… i am also down with late night internet driven diets which include CupNoodles. You know the one - not cup of noodles, but Nissin’s CupNoodle. And while they are no freedom fries… apparently their latest large scale japanese ad campaign is all about FREEDOM!

According to 30gms - “Commissioning Japanese anime artist Katsuhiro Otomo and titled the Freedom Project, the movie is a short animation with clever Cupnoodle product placement. ” But really since i don’t understand japanese, i’ve just amused myself watching the clip, and seeing the extent to which the ad placement has reached… from filling what appear to be underground tunnels, to the sides of escalators… all for freedom. *ahem* i mean CupNoodles. So view the Freedom Project. (screenshots below of my fav scenes)



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Hi, Im looking for a Cup Noodle ad which was filmed in New Zealand around 2003-2004.
Where two tribes come together in battle only to be stopped by a wall of cup noodles.

----- James 26.12.06 23:38

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