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Sexy Chocolates- 12.25.06

New Tree Chocolates are gourmet Belgian goodness, which come in nice not too small sizes, with clean simple packaging… three to a nice little box (granted it does feel a little like hotel soap) - and in some unique flavors… My favorite so far is Vigor, had a box of these in the car, and the dark chocolate with coffee is the perfect pick me up right before a meeting… and freshly launched are Sexy and Blush - Sexy being dark chocolate with ginger which is supposed to be energizing… and Blush (can’t wait to try some) is supposedly rejuvenating “Dark chocolate kissed by sumptuous cherries, a taste so sinful it will make you BLUSH. ” Mmmmmmmm.

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While it’s tasty stuff, you can get better chocolates for the price (Dagoba or Chocovic).

----- cybele 25.12.06 17:17

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