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The Alchemists- 12.20.06

If you watch one trailer this week - this is THE one to watch if you want to get your inspiration fix. Because after those few minutes i can’t wait for 2007, and i’m buzzing to shake things up with all my insane ideas. Brought to you by the One Club, The Alchemists is “about 5 people who hated the world so much…they changed yours”.

Who’s involved? “Lee Clow, who created the most-famous commercial in history by introducing Macintosh computers in “1984”; George Lois who single-handedly saved MTV from extinction with his trademark in-your-face celebrity campaign; Phyllis K. Robinson who helped define the entire “me generation” with her liberating spin on selling Clairol; Hal Riney who got President Reagan re-elected; and Dan Wieden who, inspired by the last words of executed murderer Gary Gilmore, came up with the little phrase “Just Do It” and revolutionized advertising forever. Sports, fashion, music, politics, technology-our culture-was deeply affected by these alchemists.”

So really, how much do YOU hate the world? via WK

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hi, i just watched the trailer of the alchemists, and you´re absolutely right, its definitely one reason to be looking forward to 2007. do have any idea, whether it will be shown in german movie theatres as well?
greets, lena

----- Lena Emery 30.12.06 12:06

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