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WK12 - round 4.- 12.23.06

CLICK ON THE KEYS! Click on the keys. Says Jimm from WK12… So maybe i shouldn’t tell you more and will just let you go exploring this desk that is surprisingly more messy than mine (ok, so i just cleaned as you can see from the mimomas post) “Wieden+Kennedy Seeks 12: Ad Agency for Nike, etc., seeks 12 talented open curious collaborative optimistic candidates for the 4th year of experimental advertising school.”

Are you confused? Are you excited? B/c i’m ecstatic and want to go. So go grab your envelope… get creative… and get mailing. Video to get you fired up below.

Remember them now?

Still no? Well they are the genius behind Fail Harder which has been heavily obsessed about here, here, and here. And of course you recently saw Wieden here in The Alchemists as well.

WK12 - i want in! So if you’re too uninspired to want to go - feel free to help convince them i should ;-)


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We are looking for candidates for year 5.


----- oyl miller 28.12.07 16:20

Do you know the name of that french song playing?

----- Arturo 26.12.06 18:58

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