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Belkin at CES- 01.11.07

I must admit, it feels great to wake up and not be in vegas, it just isn’t my kind of city… also i had dreams/nightmares of gadgets and the madness that was the last few days all night… and STILL couldn’t decide where to start with sharing CES with you. So from a designer standpoint, we are going to go in order of what is MOST memorable to me.

BELKIN BOOTH. If i had to pick one standout booth, they are it. This one was fit to be at the Salone even… gorgeous concept and execution… from the bird/tree black and white motifs for wallpaper, to all the leaf silhouettes for the labels/stickers/etc. and notice the style of their minimalist furniture. If anyone had a great feel for design trends now, this was it. They even had a seriously tastefully pimped out convertible silver mini, and a tool themed display for the ipod accessories. Room by room, even while packed with hundreds, this was the booth i felt most at home at. They even had various “lifestyles” being demonstrated by the man and women in the window… Below is my little tour of the belkin booth.












While most are quite self explanatory, this one was just too cute… a little girl doing interviews…

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That makes sense to me but does this?
to give you a you smile Two can live as cheaply as one, for half as long.

----- Ola Carlstrom 24.12.10 10:26

Once again, it is great to see that someone found our exhibit for Belkin to be a great place. It was really awesome to see it go up out in the shop. I was unable to attend CES, so I did not get the ambiance of all the show floor activity!

----- Sue 24.01.08 08:04

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