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Qualcomm at CES- 01.11.07

Ok runner up for most memorable booth? QUALCOMM! It’s not everyday you get to see a technological archaeological dig - and if you do, what better place to relive the past of all the new gadgets, while experiencing the latest in what will be shaping our future? Took FAR too many pictures here, so posting a few below to give you a good feel for the booth. Brilliant idea, so very fun and playful… and conceptually it really made its point, and does make you stop and reflect on how far we’ve come… The Evolution of Technology. Wow.

CES07 - 120.jpg

CES07 - 114.jpg

CES07 - 125.jpg

CES07 - 121.jpg

CES07 - 106.jpg

CES07 - 107.jpg

CES07 - 128.jpg

CES07 - 127.jpg

CES07 - 116.jpg


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