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Logitech Di Novo Edge- 01.11.07

This is the one. The one item at CES, that i am dying to actually throw money at (assuming it works well with a mac, i was so frenzied i forgot to ask). Out of so many tech toys at CES, this one is the one i crave.

Logitech Di Novo Edge keyboard… super thin, bluetooth, laptop like keys (i can type like a demon on it, vs this bluetooth apple keyboard, ugh), touch sensitive volume slider, mouse circular touchdisc scrolling… seriously, Logitech has been making some serious waves in human computer interaction. I can’t imagine life without my MX Revolution (hyperscrolling has truly changed my life, the way i photoshop and blog)… the NuLooq changes the way i design. So while apple may be my os of choice… logitech is making me swoon with each new product.

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Why must they f*ck about with the insert / home / page up (etc.) keys? I use these (PC) all the time. And have you noticed there’s no keypad?

Form over funtion here, when it could have been both.

----- robotperson 26.01.07 04:57

I love logitech. as i write this on my logitech S510 wireless keyboard and logitech mediaplay wireless mouse(which is great for controlling all things media related without leaving the current window or application.) i highly recommend anything logitech makes. their speakers are great and their wireless products are amazing

----- Mark 16.01.07 18:45

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