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Ray of RADAR- 01.29.07

Every now and then a car comes along that makes you swoon a little. Last week that was Ray. I’m sure you’ve noticed me gushing about Radar recently as i get more hooked on taking more rather random cameraphone pics recently ~ but being visually driven like i am… i think they have some great branding… from their tshirts and stickers, to flyers and glasses! (yes, you heard me right, schwag shots below.) But most impressive really is this revamped 1965 Ford Econoline that they’ve named Ray, “he is not just a van, he’s a member of our team” as the Radar Street Team Coordinator, he really is that extra something to grab peoples attention, or just bring a smile to everyone that sees him. Glossy chocolate brown on the outside, white and furry on the inside, and baby blue highlights all around - It’s unique, playful, and from a design perspective, i cant get over how sweet the design of those lights and knobs and dials are. Classic and Iconic. More on the branding of Radar below…

So Ray wasn’t always as swanky as he looks now… with the furry bushy white eyebrows and all ~ Radar was kind enough to send over some pics for you to properly see his transformation, so check them out in the Ray of Radar Gallery! (Sneak peek here)

The Mystery Machine only WISH it were this cool…

On fun Radar branded goodies ~ loving their flyer… and check out the cute stickers and yes - old school 80’s stylin’ day-glo orange SUNGLASSES. (they feel so saved by the bell?)

Ray’s even got his own shirts ~ they say radar on the back…

And for the classic Radar wear ~ simply an r on the front, and a small logo on the lower right of the back.

So, initially i REALLY wanted to show off how sweet the GoodWidgets slideshows and stacks view were… so i went through and even bought a pro (yes whopping 2$) widget and made it ~ and as i was about to post their SERVER WENT DOWN! And i was actually ready to have it be the main image, breaking my no flash and no images not on MY server as the main pics… so incase it comes back, it should be here…


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I’m very glad you like our widgets! I apologize for the server going down. We are currently in the process of switching to a more stable hosting solution.

Thanks again for giving goodwidgets a try. We hope you forgive us and continue to use our service in the future.

Ray ROCKS by the way.



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