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Leibovitz takes on Disney- 01.27.07

Breathtaking new ad campaign for Disney’s Year of a Million Dreams’, featuring photography by genius Annie Leibovitz, and Scarlett Johansson, Beyoncé, David Beckham, Lyle Lovett, and Oliver Platt. My favorite tagline “Where imagination saves the day.” These photographs reignite my love of fairy tales, myths, fables ~ and are a great example of how universal these ideals are… who doesn’t smile at the sight of them?

“Befitting a true princess, Johansson wears a stunning, one-of-a-kind Harry Winston tiara – a dazzling piece in platinum with more than 62 carats of sparkling diamonds and valued at $325,000. The dress worn by Johansson is a custom-made, Cinderella-inspired gown designed by Nicoletta Santoro.” WOW. And when can you find these in print? “The campaign premieres as a special insert in the March issues of Vanity Fair, GQ, Vogue, W, The New Yorker, Conde Nast Traveler and Cookie.”

Full images and a few behind the scenes shots below… and would you believe i first heard about this via Wii News Channel?

The Ads: Click to view larger… or here for super high res/wallpaper sized files.




Annie Leibovitz, in the Harry Winston $325,000 tiara.

Beckham - behind the scenes

“Leibovitz, who will soon dress another set of celebrities as Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Little Mermaid Ariel.” Oooooooh there will be MORE… excerpt from the USA Today article.


Apparently Annie Leibovitz and Disney Parks have launched two more beautiful images of actresses as disney classics for the “Where Dreams Come True” imagery… Rachel Weisz as Snow White, and Julie Andrews as the Blue Fairy with Abigail Breslin as a fairy-in-training.





Oops, i somehow completely overlooked Roger Federer as King Arthur… is it me or does his nose looks pretty weird?


UPDATE January 28, 2008:

In the third installment of the Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks campaigns… this time we have ~ J.Lo and Mark Anthony as Jasmine and Aladdin, Jessica Biel as Pocahontas, Giselle Bundchen as Wendy, Tina Fey as Tinkerbell, Mikhail Barishnykov as Peter Pan, and Whoopi Goldberg as the Genie. I must admit that of the three series so far, this one was not as exciting as i’d hoped - but Tina Fey’s expression is priceless!



Here’s Tina Fey as tinkerbell close up!



Here is a video of the making of the ads ~ with comments from the various stars as well!





To see all of these images in high resolution, as well as a few others.

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----- Alvin Galiano 09.12.10 13:38

Annie I love your work! Thank you!

----- tammy love 16.02.09 13:09

whoa these photos are awsome they totaly capture the disney theme and go above and beyond to make them look amazing.

----- james 11.01.09 21:09

Annie, I love your work! If it were at all possible I would love to be in one of your many amazing photos. I know that can not be, but a girl can wish : ) wishing you the best.

----- Gabby 04.01.09 23:44

I love Annie’s photos for magazines. Her fashion photographies are so fantastical and almost divine. Her photos remind me of European artworks, such a dreamy and paintly quality!!I almost had tears in my eyes when I saw Cinderella and Mermaid, two movies inspired me to start drawing and pursue my dream in fashion. I have been wondering for a while what it would look like of they made real life movie of the Disney classics(which I still hope they do). I was so glad to find these photos in Vogue!

----- Jo 27.12.08 07:50

I like the visual aspects and the photography is amazing. There are just some things about the layout and some of the models in the photos that look a bit awkward.

----- dee 02.12.08 03:27

One thing I forgot to say in my last message was what about Mulan? I think she is a disney princess and at the moment Lucy Lui is the only person I can think of that would be great for the part. And there was a person who asked about all of the Disney princesses and villians. I think that Annie should try finishing those next. There is still Princess Aurora and what about Ariel in her wedding dress? That would be really beautiful. Obviously Annie could use Glenn Close for Cruella DeVil since she played that character in the movies. There are so many other Disney characters that I would love to see Annie create with her brilliant imagination.

----- Cynthia 25.11.08 16:28

I think these photos are amazing. How someone can capture our favorite Disney characters in a picture is great in my book. I would buy these pictures if they were available for sale and I could afford them. But I guess for now I will just have to admire them on my computer. Oh, one last thing. I have heard a few people say that Drew Barrymore has taken pictures protraying Belle. If anyone knows where I could find these pictures, please tell me. I would love to see them.
Also, to all of those people who think that this isn’t art or original or creative, why don’t you try doing pictures like these. If you can, and they look just as good as Annie’s, then I will shut my mouth and leave it be. But until then, leave Annie the hell alone stupid jealous jerks.

----- Cynthia 25.11.08 16:08

I love these images! But one question lurks in my mind… why go for such Disney faithful outfits such as the Cinderella dress Scarlett is in and the Snow white outfit for Rachel. But then go completely ouside the Disney box by having Whoopi Goldberg as the genie? Or using JLo and Mark as Jasmine and Aladdin? I love all the photos. But if Annie had the freedom to use Whoppi, couldn’t she have come up with something a little more creative for Rachel to wear?

----- Amy 16.10.08 06:07

btw, just thought you’d like to see this one:


new one! little mermaid.. the merman is phelps, apparently.

----- Rachelle 21.08.08 18:22

I absolutely adore you for having posted a link to the hi-res shots. I’ve been looking for EXCELLENT hi-res images for AGES for this photoshoot. THANK YOUUU!

----- Rachelle 21.08.08 18:02

Do you know if they had Drew Barrymore play as Belle for Beauty and the Beast? I have found a few pictures but I would really like to know if she did it for disney or not. And possible who she did it for.

----- Nicole 28.07.08 22:39

These photos are fantastic!
I wish my photograph concepts were even remotely this good!

I hope people realise artists have ALWAYS been hired okay, people like DaVinci and Michael Angelo wouldn’t have names for themselves, if their respected parties didn’t hire them to create there master works, yet it is still called art.
Art and commercialism have always been together. People are just bitching because its Disney. And to tell the truth this ad campaign is for a good cause, for making peoples wishes come true.

----- Mahungawunga 01.07.08 02:26

I think these pictures are amazing !!! there are a few more now that you should add to the collection… . and beauty and the beast one and a little mermaid one … also i think theres another alice and wonderland one of just alice … just google annie leibovits disney and you will find them. I really DO NOT think that they are adding the sex sells thing because they arent like half naked or anything. I mean the pocahontas one with jessica beil is a little skimpy but that is what she wears in the movie and no one gets mad over that. so watever. Also :: DISNEY IS NOT JUST FOR KIDS !!!

----- SAMJAM 30.05.08 19:09

Wasn’t Mr ‘Walt’ Disney a virulent anti-semite?
Didn’t he oust from the market some animators of true genius and as a consequence prints of their work are all but lost forever?

One wishes his hideous corporation had never contaminated Europe. Leibovitz would need to be one hell of an ‘artist’ to retrieve such grotesque, good ol’ American schmaltz.

----- v W 25.04.08 01:21

thanks i like Leibovitz too

----- kinschim 06.04.08 21:43

These are not just a work of art. Everything about them is done on purpose, the celebrities used, the fact that we can identify who they are even when they are dressed up as different memorable disney figures… This is an advertisement, for disney.
They are beautiful photos for sure, but even Annie as the photographer is done for a reason, to get people talking.
To get people to go to Disney parks.

----- S 25.03.08 14:50

i love these pictures so much i am studying photography at the monent and these pictures are amazing

----- Emily Mackinnon 07.03.08 19:12

These are amazing! I wish she photographed every single princess and villain as well! I can’t wait to see Ariel! God, I miss Disney!

----- EvilQueen 07.02.08 04:03

i think these pictures are great. but the jlo and marc anthony is boring (i always picture jasmine and alladin in more fun way). but love the rachel weisz’s snow white!
great job!

----- intan 05.02.08 03:11

Art, commercial…who gives a crap, look how much fun shes having and look who shes getting to work with. I love how these came out and I am going to attempt to emulate one.

Good work. I appriciate the behind the scenes

----- Adam 04.02.08 21:33

jezz people are such haters!!! It’s a Disney campaign for crying out loud. i guess while some of us are enthralled by the beautiful pictures, and they are mind you, i guess it wont appeal to the scrooges out there. childhood must be rough on you lot huh?

----- Susu lemboo 04.02.08 18:51

hi love the disney not cartton style love it xx hi pepl

----- chloe hale 01.02.08 05:46

All of you griping and moaning about Annie not being an artist, and someone who just ‘got lucky’ working for Rolling Stones- get the hell off your bloody high horses, and lets see YOU do something this spectacular! ‘Not original’, ‘Not artistic’- stop trying to be intellectual prima donnas and appreciate this for what it is- great creativity and work by a very flexible and talented photographer. Do something better and let it be known to the world- and THEN maybe I’l take your pompous comments with a pinch of salt.

----- Alex 01.02.08 05:45

i absolutely love annie! i think her work for disney is fantastic… her style and ideas completely captures the romance of disney… when i think of all of these fairy-tales this is how i wish they were illustrated to me when i was a kid. i mean these are good pictures and the team that worked on on them are frikin unbelievably talented…i mean its disney…duh… but def. check out more of her stuff definitely more raw..


----- k 31.01.08 02:31

I don’t care what the critics say, but these photos look great!

----- Rudy 30.01.08 09:30

Ahhhh my gosh! These pictures are so nice, the fact that they are celebrities make it even better! The touch up work is also flawless. These people really know how to do it. nice, very nice!

----- Foxinni - Wordpress Designer 30.01.08 09:12

Perfect pairing…Annie and Disney!!! The pictures are beautiful. She is worth the money in millions of eyes. All you have to do is just…….LOOK…….and you can see as well.

----- T Lynn 29.01.08 18:26

i think these photographs are beautiful and visually stunning!!!
i’m sorry, but i’m finding it hard to fault these pieces, they’re perfect and dreamlike, exactly what disney is about. and for anyone to say that disney is just for kids, damn, i wouldn call anyone who couldn’t appreciate disney a creative.
Leibovitz is has dun an amazing job, to create these works of art intentionally is something else (all of my best pictures are usually accidental).
Ease up people, reach inside urself and u’ll find a lil kid just goin giddy at the site of these, regardless of who’s in em :D

----- Neil Raja 29.01.08 15:06

While the quality is high, they look like really bad Photoshop jobs. It is good to see how they put together some of them but, as some of the other comments say, they lack feeling. I don’t get the significance of having all these celebrities, either.

When I see David Beckham, I don’t think of a hero, I think of a silly muppet on a horse. In fact, why didn’t they just use the muppets instead?

I think Disney could have done a lot better looking for some talent on Deviant art to finish these pictures off.

----- Davey 29.01.08 12:23

I’m really surprised that no one mentioned this, but this is disney. Yes, Disney has been making beautifully animated movies for decades, and they inpsire alot of kids, etc. But thats it, KIDS. i realize the parents are the ones driving to the park as well, but really, could these pictures be more sexually charged? It just falls in line with beneton, american apparell ads, and all the other trendy advertisements out there. I guess it makes since though, disney’s always been a little sexist as well (Little mermaid, girl who loses voice and has to win her man over by using only her body? Dominant father figure?

----- T-Rev 29.01.08 12:05

This is not high concept. When you consider the imagery being layered, it epitomizes decadence in the ugliest way. Commercial fame-hungry celebs in costumes representing the product line of a giant entertainment corporation, all under some lame attempt at strip mining even more public appeal.

What are we supposed to get out of these pictures? That these beautiful people are beautiful in their beautiful outfits under beautiful lighting? There is no courage, no sacrifice, no love, no yearning, no struggle, no charity, no sharing, no humanity. It is just another orgy of the elite being elitists. Marie Antoinette would be proud.

----- Young 29.01.08 10:52

they are good… thank god for the art directors who came up with the concept, the actors who perform for the camera, the photo-retouchers who give the image its actual look, her assistants who set up the lighting, the make-up, wardrobe and set design people who create the environment, the people who clean the toilets at the studio and keep everyone happy and oh yeah… annie l who clicks the shutter button and plasters her name on it. SHE ROCKS!

----- givemeabreak 29.01.08 08:33

It’s Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

----- ghirarda 29.01.08 06:40

These pictures are great - it’s too bad they’re minuscule. If only they were at a decent resolution…

----- Disney Lover 10.01.08 21:19

I would love to buy these sets, any idea if they will be for sale?

----- Kelly 26.11.07 14:29

Id like to see you take pictures that take your breath away in the same way Annie Leibovitz does. She is a fantastic photographer and deserves all the recognition she could possibly get.

----- Sophie 22.11.07 19:10

i can stand annie, she’s my girl, i just can’t get enough of her.
as well as that shot of beckham….just cant get enough

----- Shaqouya LaFay 08.11.07 13:59

OK well I’m a photographer and I have many friends who have worked for Annie L. and well she’s a bitch she does none of the lighting anyone can take these pictures she takes cause she has a crew that does it. She is mean she used to be an amazing photographer now she is lazy and mean. thats all i have to say. these pictures are beautiful and that is b/c her assistants did it. annoying. they should have the credit not her

----- amg 08.11.07 12:29

Nobody should be famous in their own lifetime. History should decide the quality of their work. (Sure there’s a quote from somebody in there)

Waxing poetic aside, I don’t really mind so much that Ms Leibovitz is working outside her norm or with a large company. She took some good photos and theres some nice set pieces, but the creative compositors & layout designers are the ones that truly ‘reignited your love of fairy tales, myths, fables’. And as usual, everyone /but/ the ones who fretted for days over details the public will never see and generated that visual magic, got the money and praise. A Harry Winston tiara worth $325k, that we only see a sliver of? Pure nonsense and fluff.

----- Lone 07.11.07 09:12

Love the pics, both the old and the new, but there are THREE new pieces, not two. There’s also one with Roger Federer as King Arthur. Where is it?

----- Teri 07.11.07 07:18

People, it’s DISNEY. Stop being so freaking anal about things.

----- CGO 07.11.07 04:58

She got a “name” travelling with bands shooting pics for Rolling Stone.

That didn’t make her a “great” photographer, just a picture taker.

An average picture taker.

----- KGB 06.11.07 21:56

I like the concept a lot and the photo’s are good, but it really bothers me to see the amount of editing/photoshopping they did. It almost looks like they never even shot it with a camera, just cgi’d it on a computer.

----- Anna 03.11.07 08:53

i think she is brilliant and knws exactly what the audience needs to be attracted to disney land! Imagination.

----- Clea 14.10.07 11:33

granted she is a great photographer, it’s all touched up/edited with photoshop to get that dreamy look. regardless, they are beautiful pictures.

----- nlt 04.10.07 22:53

Beckham is proving how simply indispensable he is, even in the New World. He is the stuff American may or maynot realize is the stuff of magic

----- A G 04.10.07 13:37

WOW. all I can say. I’ve always wanted to be a photographer, and just seeing some of these pictures with the feeling and expression, I know they’re actors, and they get paid for that, but damn! Annie makes them look a gazillion times better!

----- CookieMonsterForever 01.08.07 20:31


----- stephanie 26.07.07 17:46

I learned abouther photography in art history in high school… im so excited i came across her again!!!! and with disney!!!!! so stoked for more

----- Sarah 21.07.07 22:56

The images illustrate and communicate the
fantacy of Disneyland. If someone is willing
to give Ms Leibovitz $500k for her work
then that someone must believe she is a very
talented image maker.
I believe she is an excellent communicator
and deserves the money she gets for her
consistant creative homeruns. No one is born
a photographer, I’m sure she has sacrificed
a lot to make her images the best she can.

----- kris 22.03.07 15:41

I love Disney movies and i think these ads are great. Annie is an artist and really knows how to represent her subjects. I love Beckham as Aurora’s Prince. Perfect advertising technique.

----- Cassie 21.03.07 00:24

Love it! Annie Lleibovitz is just the perfect person to take on this project. She has talent coming out her camera lenses - she’s so good! Yay for Disney for making a smart choice here.

----- c-web 11.03.07 19:24

Just because a company has too much money, time, or one of your many other trivial complaints, does not mean it is not art, or fantastic art at that. And yes, it takes $money$ to produce this art. But, why is that your first complaint. Does that make it “less” fantastic, or just more complicated.
The dreamy affect is intentional. As an artist myself, I feel that “intentional” art is the hardest to capture. An accidental, or perfect timing, make perfect images, but something as thought through as this is inherently tricky. The pieces are amazing.
If you took away the celebrities and put in “joe” the pictures would be equally as great. Don’t let the money and “superficial” details fool you. The pictures are still dreamy and fantastic.

----- Torrey 28.02.07 16:04

these pics are FREAKIN AWESOME!!!

when im a celebrity ill pose for the disney character pictures.

----- Erin 27.02.07 11:14

Is this work fine art or purly just commercialism? What do you think?

----- Sandra 25.02.07 21:02

mad good photographs :]

----- Mayaaaaaaaa 23.02.07 09:54

bahahahahah shit im bored as mad photographs

----- beckrahh 20.02.07 15:00

mad photographs :)

----- bec 13.02.07 14:52

I am a photographer myself, and Annie Leibovitz has produced, by far, the best photographs ive ever laid my eyes on. Her eye for lighting perfects each and every picture she takes. I would pay thousands to just shadow her on one shoot to watch how she works.

----- Micah 11.02.07 19:07

such a bad layout! i agree with previous that they have too much money. who gives a what for this self-referencing tripe. i thought annie was an artist. esquire thinks so. beyond that? effete…that’s a good word to describe it. on many levels. not only is it base in it’s grandiloquence but commercial (meant for and appreciated by philistines) really, why put this on your site?

----- W.A. 29.01.07 19:03

These photos are great. The unrealistic nature makes them so much fun IMO. I hope Scarlett Johansson doesn’t ever do any movie scenes in the buff, she really is the sweetest little princess (although look what happened to Anne Hathaway!)

Anita ;)

----- Say No to Crack 29.01.07 13:18

far away from reality?
that may be, but in this case it’s absolutely perfect for what she’s trying to do. the pictures are for Disneyland. i think they look fantastic.

----- hannah 28.01.07 17:00

I can not stand Annie, her photos are just so far away from reality - some call it dreamy and full of creativity - some other call it lame and there are comapnies seem to have way to much money on their hands!

----- Random Good Stuff 28.01.07 04:38

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