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Bloomframe- 02.26.07

Recently been apartment/condo/loft shopping ~ and one of my biggest priorities are sunlight and big windows and balcony/patios/roofdecks. Too bad i can’t simply pop in a Bloomframe from Hofman Dujardin Architecten in Amsterdam. As a two in one, balcony and window, the design gives “the possibility to use the surface of an apartment to the maximum.” More imagery of it in different angles below.



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as i know, price starts somewhere at 8 or 10.000 euro

----- Robert 10.12.08 07:15

I do not believe this

----- fornetti 31.08.08 11:59

Please send me further information like dimensions, weight, dynamic load capacity, prices. Is there construction work necessary on the inside appartement floor and how will be a secure mounting possible?
Best greetings from Frankfurt/Germany K.Lübeck

----- Kurt Lübeck 25.05.08 23:43

i saw your design while i was in stockholm this weekend, and was very impressed, i am a partner in a chain of estate agents and work very closely with a number of large developers, i would like to speak to someone in your company about selling the idea in the uk. please can you contact me you have my e mail address, my phone no is uk 8341 4050, many thanks.

----- Steve Herman 17.12.07 09:33

how much if i want it from macau?

----- chio u tong 10.12.07 05:34

i need details of bloomframe

----- tina behbahani 08.11.07 03:25

please send info

----- alex 09.10.07 03:39

It would be much more exciting if the lower panel were glass and opened too. The thrill of sitting ten stories up knowing your life depended on a single window catch would be exhilarating.

Seriously, though, this is a great idea…..

----- Rory Sutherland 01.07.07 11:37

How much do they cost?
what structural requirement are there to enable this to be installed?

----- robert wilson 13.03.07 05:45

Yes now i dont have to shuffle snow any more.

----- Norwegian 03.03.07 01:01


----- Josh 01.03.07 21:38

Great idea but I need to know how much?



----- Lynn 01.03.07 11:44

Thank you for all your reactions. Bloomframe is designed to offer outdoor space to compact appartments in dense urban areas. The price of a Bloomframe balcony will be comparable to the price of a small balcony construction with a traditional door/window. Bloomframe is uncomparable to a true balcony. Bloomframe offers a solution when balconys are not an option!! Let it be clear that we do not launch Bloomframe beacause we do not like balconys. As you can see on our site we mainly design apartments with large balconys.

The view you have on the inside of your apartment will be designed. The floorelement can also be executed in glass. The presented prototype is there to show the principle to the public.

If you want to see the balcony in action, check out the short movies on youtube.com.

best regards, Michiel Hofman

----- Michiel Hofman 01.03.07 10:36

Wow! This one looks neat. I love it. I’m wondering how much does it cost though?

----- zoobie 01.03.07 08:06

It would be nice for cold climates, so you could have a balcony in the summer but close it and keep heat in for the winter. That would make a lot of sense. It would have been great in our apartment in Helsinki, for instance.

----- eruanne 28.02.07 23:26


----- 汤银军 28.02.07 21:01

i bet its beautiful to stay there!

----- RIC 28.02.07 15:27

yes it looks very sleek, but it doesn’t add space unless you don’t have a balcony to begin with… note that the chair(s) would have to be kept inside, and you can’t leave it open all the time.

----- grantster 28.02.07 10:34

Brilliant! Does it come in different styles than metal?


----- Nick 28.02.07 10:24

Low tech version: the danglony :-)

----- thomax 28.02.07 03:50

First i thought it was cool, but then i though what’s the added value ? I bet its 2 to 3 times the cost of a normal balcony and the mechanics are prone to break in years. It’s not like a balcony takes up space. Dead idea im my eyes.

----- Jay 28.02.07 02:52

Very nice. Reminds me of a travel trailer pullout.

----- kal 28.02.07 00:03

Instant classic!

----- NSZ 27.02.07 20:15

NEAT! What does it look like from the inside?

----- Steve 27.02.07 17:29

This is fantastic. I’m sure it would be way out of my price range, but I love it.

----- Riz 27.02.07 17:20

How much will it cost? How difficult is installation? Certified?

----- Daniel B 27.02.07 16:33

Beautiful!!! Great solution!!

----- Sofi 27.02.07 02:33

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