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Whiteboard ~ UPS- 02.26.07

Whiteboards, i can’t imagine life without them. That said, have you noticed the GIANT billboard white boards (complete with giant brown dry erase marker) popping up around town? All a part of UPS’ latest Whiteboard campaign on tv and billboards everywhere. I can’t believe i can’t find one quickly to post here tonight, so feel free to share, i keep meaning to take a pic, but haven’t had opportune times while driving by them lately…

Some interesting ads and parodies (youtubes below for your viewing pleasure)… also fun trivia ~ “It turns out that after The Martin Agency looked at 1,000 potential actors, they decided to use their own creative director, Andy Azula.” (according to Digital Roam)… also i can’t decide if its cute or too much that they are using the postal service song… Fun site as well.

Here is one of the many commercials you can also view on the Whiteboard.UPS site

Here’s one of the tribute/parody ads popping up already… for all your Cardboard Magnetos!

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I’m with Ryan. UPS stands for United Parcel Service.

----- sharon 08.03.07 14:24

that doesn’t make sense, The Postal Service the band reached an agreement with The U.S. Postal Service, not UPS.

----- Ryan 02.03.07 13:27

i knew it was the postal service, but didn’t think anything of it. i just thought it was a great song to use for the commercial.

----- katie 28.02.07 19:19

The legality didn’t really bother me; it was more just the idea that any 16- to 35-year-old who sees the commercial is going to think that the joke is on UPS — it can’t be a coincidence that the band their agency chose is also the name of one of their biggest competitors.

----- Phil 28.02.07 10:00

Interactive components were created by IQ Interactive, Atlanta. www.iqinteractive.com

----- Amy 27.02.07 14:06

I can’t be the only person who noticed that the background music in these commercials is performed by The Postal Service.

----- phil 27.02.07 07:21

UPS can use the song as part of a settlement following a dispute regarding the use of the name ‘The Postal Service’. Something I read online a while ago.

----- derekb 27.02.07 06:00

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