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Curious Fork/ Furious Cork- 02.19.07

I have been leaning towards food and drink lately since the birth of Tastespotting (1 month anniversary this week already!) ~ but to be honest its been a whole new world of inspiration opened up to me! So on that note… where food and design intersect… i was blown away last night by the brilliance of the naming of Curious Fork / Furious Cork (BRILLIANT!) ~ as well as its logo branding… and really just that when its so hard to find a good domain these days, that they have that one. And i found it through The Ghetto Gourmet (who also has a great logo)…

So what is the Curious Fork and the Furious Cork? An alternative wining & dining network… Tastespotting might need to try and join up with these folks.


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hey y’all curious fork is slowly launching. check it out. www.curiousfork.net

----- curious 05.08.07 23:44

Thanks for writing a rave review about our logo! The skull and crossbones have certainly been the center of divide — some either love it or hate it and many think we should change our name from Ghetto Gourmet to something more palatable and less “ghetto”. I wonder though, how else could you sell a dinner where you’ve got to bring your own cushion to sit on a stranger’s floor and eat with the same mismatched fork for each course? If someone has the answer, I’d like to hear it! :)

I too love Curious Fork/Furious Cork and can’t wait for the site to go live. Hope to have you at dinner sometime soon.

----- Vera 07.03.07 21:40

is this related to curious pictures? if not i think it’s a tad bit similar.

----- jason 27.02.07 01:00

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