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De Lessio Bubble Wrap- 02.27.07

Bubble Wrap and chocolate lovers rejoice! Latest discovery in SF that i’m addicted to… De Lessio’s Bubble Wrap Chocolate. It’s incredible. Addictive. SO SO GOOD. Picked up slabs of the 72% Dark Chocolate with Peet’s Espresso Beans, Bittersweet with Almond and Raisins, and Milk Chocolate with Peanut Butter. But visually its fascinating that it really does look like bubble wrap (with deflated bubbles)… the real question is… do they pour their chocolate on bubble wrap? is it some crazy mold? how does it work?

Close up

Pearl shots…


From their site… the gift boxed versions…

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10 Notes

Wow love it, what an amazing idea.

----- Eddie 07.04.08 06:21

I really dig this crazy cool item. And I wnat it. Where can I retrieve it? Delish!

BTW i agree, they should make it pop or something. that would be the greatest

----- donovin 22.07.07 18:35

Interesting and different.

----- kraloyun 23.04.07 06:06

Now if only they could make it pop in that satisfying manner…

----- travelina 25.03.07 19:16

This is Awesome !

----- aYomy 08.03.07 11:46

That’s just great!
j’adore :)

----- sooishi 01.03.07 02:53

and now i want to pack light bulbs in chocolate, who knew…

----- nad 28.02.07 16:45

It would be even cooler if it popped like bubblewrap.

----- janet 28.02.07 10:56

Two of my favorite addictions in one. That’s brilliant.

----- laura 28.02.07 10:09

You can make it yourself - by spreading chocolate on bubblewrap. It’s that easy :) I haven’t tried, but the method is described in one of my chocolate books. :)

----- Anne 28.02.07 01:57

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