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Veuve Clicquot Loveseat- 03.12.07

On sleek furniture designs… i fell for the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat this morning over at Luxist. There’s something about the infinite curves, yet a nice separation of space (with a bottle of bubbly as the border?) thats enticing, and the photography for the piece is beautifully surreal. More images below.




how hilarious is this last image of the guy with his… dalmatians on the other side?!?!?

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# Love seat strong Piece screams quality ,luxury,and the colour is modern and trendy in a timeless manner……I Love Veuve Clique Pink

----- Sacha von Assisi 07.12.14 16:44

The art dirction of the shots is dreadfully euro and it’s clearly 2 Stark chairs stuck together - but love seats are made for kissing + a Champagne ice bucket in the middle is a clever touch + you can sit on it! - so it actually has 3 uses whereas Kal’s mutton throne only has 1!!!.

----- Jonesy 04.06.07 03:55

Awful, it doesn’t have any use, those pictures are as surrealistic as anything and I would never buy something just because Clicquot (whoever that is) made it. I would rather build a chair myself and be happy with it, a throne, with plenty of animal skin on it (muttons or whatever is not in danger and doesn’t have use). The color and the material just makes me wanna puke (no offense).

Modern design furniture never seems to have any use, everything is too round to be placed somewhere and nobody uses them because they’re too expensive and would only look at them.

Just because it’s shocking doesn’t mean it’s nice.

----- Kal 19.05.07 10:42

I would like to know the price of the Clicquot

----- kathleen 09.05.07 11:08

I think you’ll find someone else designed he made it. Its all bullshit.

----- Anonymous 07.05.07 14:17

where can i purchase this piece?

----- anne 15.04.07 11:13

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----- edwin vlassenroot 16.03.07 15:00

hum!? the best?
a bed or a natural french field are not the best?!
and just two personn?!

----- jan 14.03.07 07:56

This is classic Karim Rashid design. Bold color, rounded shape and new movements in the furniture. Imagine the wow factor if you were hosting a party with these chairs.

It makes me want to drink more Veuve Clicquot champagnes. It is just sad that their new Yellow Label Rosé is not yet available at SAQ (Quebec liquor board stores).

----- At Home with kim vallee 12.03.07 16:45

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