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Darren Waterson- 03.15.07

The work of Darren Waterson is the most inspiring thing i’ve rediscovered today, first introduced to me as a certain someone had me trying to hunt down the artist of the Silversun Pickup’s latest album cover (and believe it or not, googling was unsuccessful, but wiki-ing and emailing their PR worked nicely). And i know i don’t usually post are quite this largely, but this particular piece mesmerizes me to no end (and a few other of his recent pieces i love are featured below as well). This is “His Universe”, 2005, 60’x60’ ~ can you believe that is oil on wood? organic, fluid, abstract, detailed, flowing, deep, i dont know how to describe his work really… somewhere between what a friend mentioned as reminiscent of old scifi covers… and also brings to mind the work of inka essenhigh… either way, there is something inspiring and meditative to these pieces. And he’s a local! BA from Otis ~ studied at Kunst ~ and resides in SF currently!

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This is the piece that inspired the Silversun Pickup’s Album cover ~ there is also more of his work featured on their site.

Darren Waterson


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I knew Darren in high school. I was in his same art class. I remember him enjoying art and having exceptional talent. I wondered what happen to him. I recently ran into his father in Clovis and he told me of his son’s success. So I googled him… and to my surprize he has evolved to a master. It is wonderful to do something you enjoy and be able to share your happiness with others in your work. I would like to see his work in person… I guess this means a road trip to San Fransico 2009 :) Janine

----- janine 17.03.09 21:17

I love this guy’s work; I’ve been completely enamored since my painting teacher showed me his art in class.
Does anyone know how I can contact him, not about purchasing but just as a young artist who’s interested in talking to him…


----- Olena Shmahalo 05.03.08 10:07


I’m not sure who I’m writing to here.
I did a google on Darren and came across this site.

I’m interested in knowing more about the pricing on
darren waterson’s work. I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

I can’t afford to purchase a piece at the moment— but I would like to find out how much they are so I know if it’s a possibility down the road.

I could open my eyes every morning and gaze
into “Gravity, Myth, Phantom, His Universe, Confluence.” I’m sure some , if not all of these pieces are long gone. His work is mesmerizing.




----- roxann arwen mills 02.09.07 19:02

I really like this kind of art and am interrested in finding out more about yours and others. Thanks for being so talented!!!!

----- Kari 30.05.07 05:38

truly insirational. I normally don’t stop and look up artists but couldn’t help myself.
I would love to see if I could afford one of his piece.

----- md poulik 28.04.07 13:20

Truely meditative…this one becomes my desktop display!!

----- Saumya 10.04.07 00:18

I am happy to help in getting available work if you aren’t interested in buying from gallery. Darren is a dear friend of mine and I worked with him for some time. Feel free to email about purchasing paintings: a.hodge@yahoo.com

----- allison 23.03.07 15:48

I’ve only now come across your art and I must say it is among the most beautiful oil work I have ever seen. Thank you for existing.

----- A 23.03.07 12:38

He has a number of galleries that represent him on the west coast. He is a dear friend of mine. I am happy to help in terms of selling available works if you aren’t interested in buying from a gallery. Let me know

----- allison 22.03.07 11:58

These are absolutely gorgeous!


----- Jori 16.03.07 06:41

do you know where/if any of his work is available for sale to the general public?

----- Dani 16.03.07 03:59

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