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Monocle’s Kitakoga- 03.15.07

So, i’ve procrastinated on flipping through Tyler Brule’s latest endeavor - Monocle “a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, & design” ~ and i think it might me one of my new favorite reads… but the real question is how did no one tell me about Kitakoga? The pull out manga in the back of the issue ~ think— the comic book for the Bruce Wayne set? I’m hooked. And the blatant product placement made me giggle the whole time (who wants a prada phone now?)…

Here’s the premise (go on, read it out loud to yourself in that dramatic voice-over tone): “Spring — 2010. A Democrat is running the White House, Sweden is about to take up the reigns of the EU Presidency, NATO is still heavily engaged in Afghanistan and The Horn of Africa is up for grabs. On the opposite side of the rapidly melting polar ice cap, Canada has become the self-appointed guardian of the top of the world and Russia’s playing catch-up. China is still basking in post-Olympic glory and South Korea has become the region’s new creative powerhouse. In the middle of all of this, Japan has assumed a more assertive role not only within Asia but also globally. The country stunned the world in 2009 with the surprise launch of a corps of robotic soldiers it deployed to protect its embassy in Beirut and has been working on the launch of a new unmanned air vehicle that has sparked the curiosity of governments around the world. A special branch of the defence ministry has been established to safeguard the technology. Shinobi (shadow ninjas) are the guardians of the Rai-zing (Thunder of God) project.”
The animated feature should be done by the Batman: animated series folks in collaboration with the Evangelion team? [Lots more below]

As ridiculous as it sounds ~ this comic was amusing enough that i’m almost ready to subscribe just to see what happens next… (not to mention the rest of the magazine is a great mix of global affairs, business, culture, & design alongside all the fun fashion/furniture ads in one thick volume.)

Can we say - product placement? Check out some clips with the Audi TT, Prada Phone, and Isetan…



Printed in traditional Manga form ~ (reading and flipping right to left) ~ there are even direction on how to read…

And take a look at the history behind the new manga… not only is Mr. Brule one of the writers… he’s gone all out and hired veteran manga teams for the editorial and illustration teams.

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cool little comic! I didn’t even realize the product ad in the comic script until reading your post…read right past it.

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