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Chipotle Menu Art- 04.04.07

Ahhhh Chipotle, how we love thee. Yes, we have a bit of a Chipotle addiction going over at NOTCOT… we jest that there is crack in the rice (don’t worry, to the best of our knowledge there isn’t, just some sugar and cilantro) because since the college days in SD we keep coming back for more… even if it is efficiently run by the mcdonalds folks… Not to mention they have just great graphic design, and playful marketing.

So, you’ll understand that i couldn’t resist when i saw Andrew Wilson’s Chipotle Menu Art gallery, and had to share it. Found this at Evasee, which calls the works “innocently nasty”.

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Nice works, nice stuff of Andrew Wilson…and… what a surprise!!!NOTCOT just read my blog!!!
Thanks a lot, I love your blog and I´m very glad for your post.
See ya!!!

----- evasee 07.04.07 09:11

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