*notcot in playful , 18:44

Good vs. Evil Foosball- 04.04.07

When it becomes good versus evil ~ which side of the foosball table are YOU on? On the team of Evil XI we have: Pot, Lucifer, Calgula, Ripper (as in Jack), Impaler (as in Vlad the), Hitler, Macbeth (as in Lady), Hyde, Klebb (as in Rosa), Amin, Catcher (as in the Child). Playing for Good XI we have: Claus (as in Santa), More (as in Sir Thomas), Moore (as in Bobby), Gordon (as in Flash), Robin (as in Christopher), God, Assisi, Jekyll, Poppins, Teresa, M.K. Gandhi.

This is a limited edition “opus football table” by Eleven Forty for the super exclusive 20LTD. Only 20 were made ~ and it retails for 14,500 pounds. We previously featured Eleven Forty back in June ‘05. See the team’s lineup below…






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73 Notes

When the evil side wins, do they say “GOOD game?” just wondering.

----- jacobenin666 06.07.10 08:45

it’s incredible that people still blindly categorise Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden as evil (not saying that they are not, not saying that they are) when the whole world knows that the US government has lied blatantly about sept 11, alqaeda, WMD in Iraq and has used the media they control to brainwash people with their lies. Has everybody forgotten Colin Powell with his little bottle of anthrax in the UN ? If you can believe THAT, do mankind a favor and please hang yourself. Bush, Cheney, Powell and the rest have many times confessed their real motives but these get forgotten as soon as they are said.

If I were American (which I’m not), I would be MUCH MORE scared of the institutions (and the people managing them) that govern your country.

----- B.A.D 30.12.08 02:33

why the hell is pot on the evil team? it should be joe camel instead.

----- please 30.11.08 20:59

Good day!
It is very informative and has a very good quality in it.
I like it…


Thank you very much for your time.

----- miragana 04.09.08 18:20

Walt Disney was kind if a jerk ya’ll. Just a bizness man who ruined the environment in Florida. I love how “ignorant” is always the choice word with this subject. Also funny about explaining college opportunities. Like the ghetto thinks about college

----- mommo 08.06.07 15:39

I don’t want to wait till the end of Summer :( , I want it now. Who with me?
save your time and join me. ;)

----- BustyBoots 31.05.07 13:45

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----- kolya 31.05.07 06:24

Suggestion for referee Oliver Cromwell.
Ares is the turf!

----- anonymuse 17.05.07 14:51

Wow, I came to see the table, and here I am commenting on people and racial situations. Slavery was awful and obviously a very stupid move on the whites part, but I have never advocated slavery and my ancestors never had slaves…So why should the ‘white’ community forever pay for the crime if some of us were never involved to begin with. Yes I think we should reimburse those harmed by it, but if you were to start spouting stuff about slavery today, you would only look stupid because the only people who think it should still be around are the people we spit on today. And I am not ill informed, I know what I am talking about. I will be very sympathetic as long as you don’t bring up something that happened long ago and try to apply it to yours and my life…

The whole slavery issue has also had me in a spot because I am a huge advocate for the destruction of racism, but what has it come to when black kids in school do something wrong and when a teacher punishes them, they say the teacher is being racist…You cannot use that as an excuse! You are just as responsible for you actions as a white person is! And honestly, white kids get in more trouble than black kids because teachers are scared of them crying out ‘Racist!’

So, grow up a little…Yes, be sympathetic because whites created many of their problems, but remember also that some of have never agreed with slavery and even our ancestors didn’t. And don’t use ‘racism’ in order to get away with something…I see it happen everyday.

----- anon 29.04.07 23:24

This entry has won the Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award this week.


----- MC 28.04.07 12:39

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See you

----- Bush 25.04.07 11:34

Oh My God this is the funniest game EVER—————————

ok here goes———————


Abe Lincoln————-
Rosa Parks———-
Mel Blanc——
Ned Flanders————-
Ladi Di————
Ben Franklin——-
Ray Charles————
Sara Lee (delicous)——
Larry Flint————-


Jeff Dahmer————-
Hitler ———
Lady Di’s Evil Twin——-
Osama Bin Laden——-
Billy Mahoney (used to beat me up in fourth grade)——-
Ken Ley——-
Me, When I’m Drunk——-
Larry Flint————-

How’s That? ———
Ok now ….Back to the ignorant racist Diatribes

----- Tinshack 24.04.07 22:26

Hey Ken, the race of Santa & GOD have been questioned for a long time. Maybe all the GOOD players aren’t really white!

----- Red22 23.04.07 10:28

Suggestion for the referee: J.R. Ewing…

----- Admiral 20.04.07 04:16

Hey, Aries,
I don’t know from what ancient civilization’s mythology you are borrowing your designation, but if it’s supposed to be Greek mythology you should be a male and you’ve misspelled your name, dumbass (to use an appellation you yourself applied to another.)
Ares was the god of war.

----- SFCherryboy 19.04.07 11:39

By the way-why is everyone on the good team white? There have been good people of all races since the dawn of time.

Thats not PC. Thats reality.

----- Ken 18.04.07 00:42

One thing matters - Everything centers around JESUS CHRIST - whether ur black/white, Democrat/Republican, rich/poor or any other distinction used to divide people.

And most people do’nt want hatred or division-they just get caught up in ugliness which drags us down. Notice half of the previous posts.

----- Ken 18.04.07 00:38

you guys are idiots

----- Anonymous 17.04.07 09:12

Christine,,,hunny, the whole point of this foosball table is POLITICS,,,politics is what makes the world go ‘round sweetie,,,I know you’re young but telling grown ups who are talking smart stuff you know nothing about to “grow up” just shows your ignorance,,,good vs evil,,,I dont care who’s on the table as long as good keeps on winning! And Nicholas,,,PETER JENNINGS???? HE HATED THE US! *even tho he left Canaduh to come live here,,,go figger LOLOL

----- Heidi 17.04.07 07:02

Ths may be a bit weird, but here’s a 9/11 foosball table:

Al Queda

Osama bin Laden
Mohammed Atta - pilot hijacker - American 11 - flew into North Tower of WTC
Marwan al-Shehhi - pilot hijacker - United 175 - flew into South Tower of WTC
Hani Hanjour - pilot hijacker - American 77 - flew into Pentagon
Ziad Jarrah - pilot hijacker - United 93 - crashed into a field in Shanksville, PA - would have flown into US Capitol
Ramzi Yousef - planted truck bomb in WTC North Tower’s parking garage in 1993
Khalid Sheik Mohammad - mastermind of 9/11
Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman - “Blind Sheik” - leader of al-Farooq Mosque in Brooklyn, the US HQ of al Queda
Ramzi Binalshibh - Was originally picked for AA77, but couldn’t get into the US - served as “go-between” between bin Laden and hijackers
El Sayyd Nosair - shot Rabbi Meir Kahane in first violent act perpetrated by al Queda in US
Abu Musad al-Zarqawi - bin Laden called him “The Prince of al Queda in Iraq”

US Team

Rudolph Giuliani
Todd Beamer - led passenger revolt on UA93
Mark Bingham - led passenger revolt on UA93
Jeremy Glick - led passenger revolt on UA93
Tom Burnett - led passenger revolt on UA93
Richard Picciotto - represents FDNY
Pasquale Buzzelli - represents Port Authority
Stanley Prainmath - broker who survived a direct hit by UA175 into his 81st floor office
Brian Clark - rescued Stanley Prainmath
Peter Jennings - represents US media
Lyz Glick - represents families and friends of UA93 victims

----- Nicholas 17.04.07 00:03

My2Cents, I put Ty in because he’s wild, crazy and ALWAYS positive about things. As for Andrea Yates and/or Timothy McVeigh, I’d put McVeigh in, but not Yates, or maybe both of them in for Kobe and T.O.

----- Nicholas 16.04.07 23:11

I’m tired of black people complaining about how whitey holds them down when they are in fact provided with more opportunity in this country than white people. First, there is affirmative action where whites are overlooked for jobs and scholarships so that they can be given to less qualified minorities so that organizations can meet gender specific quotas and recieve funding and tax breaks from the government. Positions should be awarded solely based on merit and not as a matter of color. Secondly, there is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, The United Negro College Fund. There are no such organizations for white people and if there were they would be viewed as racist and met with an outcry of biblical proportions from the black community.

Lastly, why is it ok for blacks to not only call each other derogotory terms, but to speak negatively about and use racist remarks when referring to white people? Many years ago there was a film made entitled “White Men Can’t Jump” and nobody saw anything wrong with that. How do you think a movie entitled “Black Men Can’t Swim” would be recieved by the public?

Just keeping it real,

----- STUART 16.04.07 21:18

gosh, i started out looking at a interesting sounding fooseball table and ended up reading about politics and racial discrimination. grow up please, im only 19 and im telling adults that. the only thing i don’t get about the table is the fact that half the people i’ve never heard of. who’s assisi and bobby moore? why don’t they have people everyone commonly thinks of as good and evil? gahndi is not thought as a good person by the sihks or muslims because hindus were terrible to them. some of the ficticious characters aren’t even as good or evil enough to be on there. voldemort would be a good evil character, but i just like harry potter so maybe thats just me.
stop arguing, its sickening. everyone defends their side without trying to understand the good and bad of the other side and theirs.

----- Christine 16.04.07 17:59

P.S. why the hell are you still talking about this? 1, quit complaining about the table because…oh no, the players have feet and 2, quit with the “race card”

----- FedUp 16.04.07 17:50

I don’t think you could play a decent game on this table - the players have feet. Even without feet, the ball will leave the table occasionally, but with feet to scoop the ball, someone’s definitely going to lose an eye.

P.S. The abolition of slavery in the US in 1863 didn’t actually stop slavery - it lasted into the early 1960’s. Read People magazine from March 26…

----- Gnarb 16.04.07 16:02

“Gerald Ford: US President before Reagan” — Jimmy Carter changed his name to Gerald Ford? How confusing…

----- A.nonymous 16.04.07 13:00

First of all I totally agree with Jasmin,Lol at Nicholas, and the rest of you need to grow up. Don’t we have enough to worry about with everyone jumping at the chance to make everything racial? I’m tired of the Don Imus: Champion of Whites/Denigrator of Blacks crap. The man said something he thought was funny, but wasn’t just, like I’m sure ALL you ignorant folks, black or white, do everyday. Has it been blown out of proportion? Yes. Has that stopped people from making themselves look like jackasses because of it? No. I’m deeply ashamed of all of you and I’m sure most of you has a good 10-20 yrs on me. I bet half of you spouting the racial slurs claim to be Christians too.

----- Nikki 16.04.07 07:09


I’m SO for your updated version! What a great selection of players! Question though…why Ty Pennington? I like the guy a lot, think he’s a riot and I love the EM show but why him? Just curious.

Oh by the way, Andrea Yates and Timothy McVeigh should be added to the evil players side.

----- my2cents 16.04.07 05:50

OK, solid picks, BUT!, let’s update the teams a bit:


Rudolph Giuliani: NYC mayor during WTC attacks, became TIME’s Man of the Year in 2001. -
Martin Luther King, Jr. -
Walt Disney -
Pope John Paul: the last one before Benedict XVI -
Mother Theresa -
Gerald Ford: US President before Reagan -
Shigeru Miyamoto: The head honcho at Nintendo -
Jim Ross: Calls the action on “Monday Night Raw” with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler -
Jackie Robinson: Broke baseball’s color barrier -
Ty Pennington: The face of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” -
Abraham Lincoln: 16th US President, wrote Emancipation Proclamation -


Osama bin Laden -
Adolf Hitler -
Vince McMahon: Chairman of WWE -
Hilary Koprowski: Made experimental polio vaccine that may have been the cause of AIDS in late 1950s -
Bill Gates -
Kobe Bryant -
Terrell Owens: Biggest crybaby in NFL history! -
David Koresh: Leader of Branch Davidians -
Eric Harris: Columbine massacre gunman -
Dylan Klebold: Columbine massacre gunman -
Saddam Hussein

If you have any other suggestions, I’d like to hear them!!

----- Nicholas 14.04.07 21:40

As interesting as your race debate is, aren’t these comments supposed to be about the Good vs. Evil foosball table. I mean come on, seriously.

----- Barret 14.04.07 17:24

my god, ppl, how has something like foosball turned into such a racist thing… personally, i’ll stick with my tornado table, thank you very much!!! but i must say, readin the posts here, reminds me of all the damn bickering at the tournaments i used to play in, (shakin head) how sad, and yeah, foosball is not just a man’s game, it can be alot of fun, for everybody!!! (i’m proud to say, the #1 women’s player in the world, lives in cedar rapids iowa, and i’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for quite some time, played against her and with her, and she makes grown men squirm, as she kicks their butts!!!) as long as ya just stick to the foosin, don’t let yer politics, religion, and a**holes, or any other crap, get in the way of it, it can be an awesome game (sport) so you all leave yer black and white comments out of this, it really has no place on a foosball table or anywhere else, for that matter!!! so to those of you that do…. keep on foosin, and those that don’t, save yer quarters

----- foosballs for the debbils, lol 14.04.07 17:23

Wow, first of all it’s a freakin fooseball table people!!!!!! And second, Nicely said Michael!

----- Jasmine 14.04.07 16:05

Which side are we putting George Bush on? I can see it either way.

----- Anonymous 14.04.07 15:48

I love the table, wish I could buy it, but that would be yet another pipe dream. By the way, anybody notice that the good side id wearing good old red white and blue?
Oh, and Ares is a God, so I’m thinking someone might have gender issues as well as racial ones. =P

----- Eris Goddess of Chaos 14.04.07 15:25

Whats the big deal - my 9 year old grandson has stuck pics of what he considers are the good guys and the bad guys on the men on his footsall table.
His picture is proudly placed between DROGBA and RONALDINHO on his all star foreward line.
Oh by the way the table cost just over $100 from Target.

----- RON NEWMAN 14.04.07 13:53

Anonymous said: “some of you may say it’s only a game or that we (black) people are too picky but it’s not your kids that are being asked to play this game”. Since, “Only 20 were made ~ and it retails for 14,500 pounds.”, I don’t think that it is really our kids that are going to play this game…

----- Michael 14.04.07 12:37

Amen Zapper! Very well said! Thank You!

----- Michael 14.04.07 12:32

PS: Yes, it IS very interesting how a post about a fusball table has been redirected to help further “someone’s” whiney PC propaganda agenda!
Take the chip off of your collective shoulders and just let it GO! Or does that not fit into your “I’m a victim!” world view?

----- Michael 14.04.07 12:30

Please STAY IN SCHOOL and actually LEARN your history!

Slavery has been going on for thousands of years! This isn’t limited to “whitey” putting down poor “blackey” in the American past (oops! Look out for the PC Cops! Is one REALLY worse than the other? Those who would try to advance their causes would have you believe so!).

Whenever you are tempted to play “The Race Card” - as is soooo convenient for some to do… - think about this: Who caught, gathered , and sold those “poor black people” as slaves in the first place? “Whitey”? I think not…

Was it “whitey” who started slavery? Again, I think not!

So before anyone starts throwing stones, I think that they should educate themselves and insure that their own “house” is clean!

----- Michael 14.04.07 12:29

Do any black people out there using the race card realize that so called “dominate” African tribes would sell…or to be more precise…trade their captives from “lesser” tribes to the moronic men that brought them to this country? I’m not saying that those same men were right for bringing them here and enslaving them, but if you’re going to point a finger, take a good look in the mirror. Plus Amin was responsible for more deaths of blacks than any white man in history. My great-great-great grandfather died in a Carolina prisoner camp during the civil war. He was supposedly fighting for freedom for all men, black or white. How come I have to listen to all this crap all the time. Didn’t my family give enough? Sit back, take a minute and think about how good you have it here. And how much, as the years go by, it gets better! Of course we have to WORK at it…together. Not by living in the past.

----- Zapper 14.04.07 12:23

how the hell have white people been paying for slavery… i mean really.. did you know the last slave to be set free was in 1963… well after the us supposedly abolished slavery… and about the africans starving… did you know that because slavery took so many males from west africa hundreds of villages died because they couldn’t reproduce have enough manpower to gather enough food… i must say chuck leave topics you dont know about alone because your only going to make yourself look stupid

----- Anonymous 14.04.07 10:19

Who picked these totally obscure characters?

----- Sara 14.04.07 10:16

Will white people stop thinking that hundreds of years of servitude and mistreatment by blacks will just disappear because white people want it to. Don’t worry Chuck I won’t say I’m a slave, but I will say you are ignorant and ill informed. How’s that?

----- Max 14.04.07 08:54

J. Stalin should definitely be in the evil team.I agree that Vlad`s place is in good team.

----- Filip 14.04.07 08:45

“Whitey has been sliding for years?” “It’s called slavery?” Since when were you on anyone living today a slave Aries? When did anyone alive today own a slave in the US? ‘Whitey’ hasn’t been sliding, ‘Whitey’ has been paying for that slavery ever since. Talk about not letting something go 150 years later. And if it weren’t for slavery, most of those decendants would be starving to death on the African plains right now. Blacks have a double standard when it comes to using the same language Imus did, and pretty ittle excuses as to why they can use it: “They talk about what they know”. Sounds like more Sharpton-Jackson-Snoop Dog BS to me. Pure Hypocrisy!!

----- Chuck 14.04.07 07:03

bye bye miss america pie. America is headed in the wrong direction. good/evil…black /white..democrat/republican….. seeing a trend? look in the mirror EVERYONE

----- joe 14.04.07 05:42

dag were there any good black people…i see they didn’t have any trouble finding some that were bad even though there were “almost” no evil black leaders or ones who wanted to take over the world…even hitler looks dark on the game and he was no such thing….some of you may say it’s only a game or that we (black) people are too picky but it’s not your kids that are being asked to play this game

----- Anonymous 14.04.07 05:17

nonetheless, i wouldn’t mind seeing my boss on the evil team, ha ha ha

----- Ann 14.04.07 03:47

if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it just might be a guy in full camo, blowing a duck call … waiting to take a good shot…

----- Ann 14.04.07 03:45

aries besides being a fool,you don’t talk like a goddess,you talk like a nappy headed ho.

----- the one 14.04.07 02:47

It’s amazing that a post about a beautiful foos table has devolved into politics. This thing is completely awesome!

Get a grip people.

----- middleroad 13.04.07 17:34

Where is George Soros?

----- Jess Curious 13.04.07 16:03

Will black people ever stop saying they’re slaves?

----- chuck 13.04.07 10:55

mother teresa encouraged hindus to convert to christianity right before they died so she could rack up “salvation points” !!

----- h8tn@tion 13.04.07 10:17

i just love that Jack the Ripper is on the team for evil.
this is so…wrong and awesome at the same time.

----- sugar 13.04.07 09:28

Vlad the Impaler? He should be on the good team. He defended europe from invasion, and his enemies were just as vicious as he.

----- john 13.04.07 09:25

Hey Bill

Don’t let whitey slid huh? Whitey has been sliding for hundreds of years, it’s called slavery dumbass. Rappers talk of what they know..if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it is a duck. So if you have dealt with a woman that turned out to be a ho, fine call that ho what she is. The problem with Imus is that he didn’t know any of those women to call them such a word. If you don’t have something nice to say, you stuff your freakin pie hole. Imus had it coming.

----- Aries Goddess of War 13.04.07 08:49

Where is Don Imus, he should be on the good’s team. Hillary, Rosie, and fricking Al Sharpton should be on the bad! Its ok for the blacks to call woman hoes, bitches and call each other niggers, killing cops, drugs in their lyrics that is normal now but oh no, dont let whitely slide.

----- Bill 13.04.07 07:47

How come there aren’t more Democrats on the Evil team? Of course they could field hundreds of evil teams using liberals.

----- KC 13.04.07 07:00

What a hoot!!! It leads to lots more ideas — like a team led by Little Lulu & Brenda Starr vs. one led by Archie & Rex Morgan, MD. And why is foosball just a man sport?

----- Buckwheat04 13.04.07 06:56

…if you don’t have a clue of something , you don’t need to say anything.Just keep your mouth shut.

----- Blerim 13.04.07 05:59

Mother Teresa wasn’t good? I suppose that depends on your definition of good! Pen & Teller - what funny characters they are :-)

----- REALITY CHECK 12.04.07 18:20

@ Reality: even if what you’re saying is true (Penn & Teller’s Bullshit? Did they cite their sources? Is there a reason you are trusting two people known for their deceptive techniques for information about nuns?), is money being raised to train nuns a bad thing? Does that not make her a good person?

----- JD 12.04.07 14:39

Sure the teams are well-picked, but is it a good foosball table?

(to REALITY) You are right, all of that money went towards training nuns TO HELP THE POOR AND THE SICK. The misunderstanding seems to be that some people think that Mother Theresa was supposed to have been building modern medical facilities, brimming with doctors and Western-style administrators, whereas Mother Theresa felt her mission was to BE WITH the sick and the poor in order to bring them the comfort of human dignity.

Penn and Teller are funny, but sometimes, they buy into as much bullsh*t as they profess to expose.

----- Ulysees 12.04.07 13:13

Hi there,

This is amazing work, I’d love to get one. But on one condition…that you add George W. Bush and a few of his horsemen…


----- Alienovski 12.04.07 12:21


i got to agree with reality , but then again most of all the money collected by churches is for new infrastructures :(.

also its kinda dumb to have teresa in the team anyhow, this is a man sport lol

----- Someone Else 12.04.07 09:49

Where’s MLK??

----- Anonymous 12.04.07 06:08

Okay people, the teams are more or less OK, but who’s the f… referee? :)

----- Dv0rsky 12.04.07 04:04

Where is George W. Bush?

----- Anonymous 12.04.07 00:54

Mother Teresa was NOT a good person… see Pen & Teller’s Bullsh*t.
She did NOT help the poor and she sought out suffering to be ‘closer to god’ but did NOTHING to alleviate that suffering.
ALL the money she raised went toward training nuns, NOT helping poor/sick people

----- Reality 11.04.07 08:55

It’s big mistake using God as a striker, the guy never turns up….EVER!!

----- Keith 05.04.07 05:24

Thanks for the piece, much debate over selection as I’m sure you can imagine.


----- Richard 05.04.07 04:08

Wow, what a beautiful table! I’d hate to get beat up by Mary Poppins, but it’s not like that hasn’t happened before anyway.

----- The Slapster 04.04.07 21:13

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