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Dyson DC18 “Slim”- 04.23.07

The Dyson DC18 “Slim” - there are so many design details that don’t get done justice in the usual pics… so here’s an overdose to get you up close and personal with the designer vacuum has changed the way i clean (disclaimer: i hate cleaning, dyson’s gone and made it FUN). And read this last post for why Dysons are THE vacuums for the FPS gamers, gadget geeks, ghostbusters’ fans, and sci-fi lovers.

(you can click on most of these pics to see larger)

Packaging - sleek graphic design and packaging

The Unboxing - impressive packaging design in that it unfolded open so nicely

Could this ball joint be more sci-fi? It swivels every which way, literally reaching places i didn’t know i could get to without having to reach under things by hand.

The extendable tube - i must admit i played with this quite a bit - there was something scifi/organic/slinky about the way it extends and contracts.

The clear canister - as i said in the previous post, its a lot like a ghostbuster’s ghost trap. There’s something terribly satisfying about seeing how much dirt you’ve sucked up… or it might backfire and make you realize how dirty the cleanest room really is.

Here is a close up of the giant cleaning head - with on/off red spinning brushes, as well as the other attachments that go on the gun extension.

Where’s that gun extension come from? Well basically, when you extend the thin silver rod from the handle (it hides in the tube) that final click releases it. As soon as you clip the handle back in (if the vacuum is on) the bottom section goes back to sucking instead of the gun. [Also note their great “big red button” - the type that you can’t resist pushing]

I love the way the kickstand works on this Slim - its so elegant. You step down, tilt back, and by the time you lean it back up to vacuum it snaps up. When you stand it back upright, it comes down. Here’s a quick little video i made of how it works.

Bottom line: The Dyson DC 18 “Slim” - is my vacuum of choice. As someone not all that big on cleaning, but loves gadgets, great design (their attention to detail alone should make you swoon a little, no? and that font!)… as well as the satisfaction of getting to see all the dirt and dust collect up in the canister as you wield your giant gun of a vacuum around the house. Cleaning has never been more fun. Nor did i ever think there would be a vacuum i’d really be ok with leaving out when guests came by. My only issue with this gorgeous vacuum? The cord. When you wrap it up, the ending has the usual molding to clip on to the wrapped bundle, and it always seems to end RIGHT by the section you wrap around, we tried wrapping it normally (in a loop), in figure eights, and still never fit quite perfectly. But still a huge fan, and i’m impressed with how much dirt it found in what i thought was a rather clean carpeted room.

Ok, so just a few more pics… on the dyson graphic design - check out the pamphlets and how to’s below:


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16 Notes

That’s a great vacuum. I love mine,size is perfect. I don find it does fall over easy when I use the hose but it should loosen up with more use.

----- Jerry 08.05.13 13:04

What a piece of junk. My hubbie bought me one for my birthday. Cannister release looks like it’s going to break any minute. Dirt flies everywhere when i empty it. I doubt this will last as long as my old hoover. i’m taking the dyson back and getting a Sebo, seems like a much better machine to me. All these bagless vacuums seem so unhygienic.

----- don 10.03.10 14:32

I got mine in circuit city too $147. That was a awesome deal.. I find myself wondering how did I go so long with out a Dyson? I love my new vaccuum.

----- Michelle 08.03.09 05:46

I just bought one today from Circuit City for $185! What a steal!

----- Brad 21.02.09 12:29

I am thinking about purchasing a dyson vacuum. I am having trouble deciding on which model. I looked at the dc18 slim. I was wondering if it does a good job or should I purchase a different style. I have a neighbor that has the dc15. I was thinking about the dc25 only because I thought it was the best because it cost a lot of money.
I have a rainbow now and also a kirby. Wanting to change.
Thanks — any suggestions!

----- Kay 06.12.08 15:35

After waiting 15 years to get a replacement Dyson, I purchased the DC18 “Slim” on Saturday. Having attended an event on Sunday requiring me ot wear a gown & heels, I returned home. After easily hauling the package up my 3-storey walk-up (this is NYC), I had one precious hour of daylight to test my new dyson. Prior to leaving, I’d vacuumed my entire 4000sf loft & wanted to do a compare-and-contrast. Was so excited, I kept my gown & heels on & proceeded to test away…… About midway, I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror & laughed out loud, asking myself:

Q: “Who vacuumes in a gown & hounds tooth heels?”
A: I DO!

Whoop-whoop! By the way, this baby found so much cat hair I was hugely embarrassed that it took me so long to replace! (ADDENDUM: My first dyson: found @ a British Red Cross thrift store I worked in whilst attending university in the northern UK (circa: 1994). It was one of dyson’s original 5000 prototypes, but I didn’t know it then - as there were no labels/stickers/printed logos. I fell in love early / hard & wish I’d been able to take it with me around the world!) Just so happy James stuck with his idea —-> his concept’s really come a LONG way. CONGRATS on the stick-to-it-ness, Mr. Dyson.

----- alane 31.03.08 06:02

Looks like a great vacuum cleaner…..but who vacuums in high heels???

----- sunny 08.02.08 00:49

I recently bought a Dyson — not the Slim but
a DC 07. I’m 47 and have wasted so much money
on various vacuum cleaners that it is depressing
to think about. That is until I bought my
Dyson. An excellent product. The guy who
created it is a freakin genius. Don’t think twice
about purchasing one. They are fantastic and well
worth the cost!

----- lisa 21.11.07 18:51

Nice shoes. :)

----- faaaashion? 02.10.07 19:03

hi! i just got my dyson today and i love it!it is so powerful i think i sucked up a cat the first timed i vacuumed with it! i superliy recommend it! i rate this product *****!

----- jack 30.07.07 07:32

i am getting one this sunday! i cant wait!!! i am a 11 year old who loves dyson! i am counting the hours!!

----- jack 12.07.07 16:46

hi! i am going to get one of these this sunday. i have a rainbow and we are going to trade it in for a dyson slim. thank you for all the photos! they are so helpful so i know how to put it together.

----- jack 12.07.07 16:28

I just bought one of these, even though I already own a DC17 (I’m a Dyson fanatic). I can’t wait to try this out myself.

----- Keith 06.06.07 11:52

Thank you for the detailed photos. They were clear, well organized, and thorough. Sure wish the Dyson website was as useful. Do you know they don’t bother to mention the accessories. I have the DC21, by the way. I’m in a very small motorhome, and the canister stores a little better under and behind things. I don’t wrap the hose, but rather store it in a separate spot in a bag.

----- pat 29.04.07 09:12

I would love love love to buy one of these. Unfortunately i am but a student of design. But i do have a neat looking green Eureka with a cool loop handle, much like the Omop!

----- Jes 23.04.07 22:38

i bought the purple one.


----- wowchers 23.04.07 18:43

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