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KeyPort- 04.25.07

KeyPort - an all in one key fob… just get specialized blanks cut to match your car, house, boat, locker, etc keys and the slot right in. In the press kit it says that it is “created to complement your personal style and organize those jagged objects you can’t live without.” And currently under development are RFID for remote keyless entry (or anything else you can imagine - be creative here), Alarm Remote (for your car entry/alarms/etc), and Flashlight (mini LEDs!)… hey, where’s my usb key? Either way, i’m dying to get my hands on one to try it out, my purse could certainly use less things to get scratched up on! and it would certainly work better to slip in a pocket.




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With whom i can talk about commercialize this product? i guess with some minor modification i know the exact place where this product will sale as a hot bread.
please advice. thx

----- Adrian 12.08.09 19:25

how can i purchase one?

----- randy 09.08.08 09:04

What are these MOBIUS things? They are about $8500, so they better be out of platinum and set with diamonds! This KeyPort looks better and is relatively cheap considering these Mobius things.

----- JOEY 07.12.07 05:32

this is exactly what i need…. where can i get one of these, this would do wonders for me!!

----- Zach 09.11.07 13:47

This is already a product in Turkey

----- serkan yersen 08.10.07 01:31

Hmm, useful, but if you lose one, you risk giving complete entry into your house, car and whatever else. I normally would keep the car keys away from my house door keys just for this reason…but kewl though!

----- Ashwin 03.09.07 11:55


we are looking for a master key which help us in workshop to open the cars mostly japnese brands please mail me the details of what kind of product do you have. thanks

----- wasim sethi 23.07.07 00:50

Where can i buy this? Please give me a valid URL as I am from South Africa and this sort of thing is hard to come by.

----- marcus 19.07.07 07:34

Anyone know how to get this thing yet?

----- J 23.06.07 21:10

you could sell 100x as many if you develop a version that holds awkwardly shaped door keys like schlage and kwikset , medeco , etc

——- mishaco 26.04.07 22:35

DUMB ASS!!!!! it replaces them…fkn idiot…..

----- Anonymous 12.06.07 14:05

Well, I would say that none of these are as cool as a BUMP KEY — learn more at http://www.bayarealocks.com

It’s a master key that opens millions of locks in America.

----- Bumpkeys 05.05.07 22:29

Great idea, it looks slick too!

----- Alan 05.05.07 19:04

Wow! that is one beautiful key! I must admit.

----- How start your own clothing line 01.05.07 11:42

everyone saying well new cars with chips in the keys well I’m sure all of America owns a new car STFU its cool idea

----- jeff 30.04.07 20:42

For someone to take the time to critique, you would think they would first take the time to read the info and look at the images.

It says they are developing the remote keyless entry and alarm remote for your car and anything else (universal key fob). I think it would be nice to have all of my keys organized, rather than just my single car key.

Also, there appears to be a loop for the people who cannot remember their phone number and actually carry around those membership cards. You can probably even hook on a hoop and attach a large pointy object for your “touch-check” convenience.

I love it, but I suppose if you enjoy that ring of jagged keys jingling around in your pocket, you wouldn’t appreciate an organized “key fob”….. whatever floats your boat I guess.

For anyone interested, the website seems to have more information on the features. I just signed up on the reservation list.

----- Rob 30.04.07 13:12

Taylor, did you know if you memorize your phone number and enter it in the pos machine at the store, you don’t need to carry those riciculous membership cards?

Seems like the user would get to know which key is which pretty quick if they are always in the same order, unlike a keychain. One handed access…

Keys, Ipods, and phones don’t really go together in your pockets or purses unless you don’t mind scratches…?

----- joshua brande 27.04.07 15:51

For some people I think this would be useful. But a couple qualms. First, it’s probably just as big as six keys on a keyring, but if you have less than that it’s added weight. Second you can’t visually see the key, making for more fumble time when your trying to make it into the homestead on those late nights. Third you have to have every key you want to put on it duplicated, which isn’t free. Third, where do I put all those key-ring membership cards I have? Fourth this would be the fourth squared object in my pocket, so between my ipod, cellphone and wallet it’s going to be hard to do a touch check to see if I have everything before I leave in the morning. Fine idea, just can’t beat a keyring.

----- Taylor 27.04.07 12:14

It may have been a bad idea to include comments right on the product page.

----- Anonymous Fiji 27.04.07 10:50

From wikipedia: “A key fob is a medallion used to identify a key ring or used as a starting place on a ring, frequently given as an advertising item.”

Fob is also often used to describe the remote control to lock/unlock the car. Essentially anything attached to a key ring is a fob.

Most microchipped keys (that I have seen) have the chip in the key shaft close to the head. It looks like you pretty much just cut the heads off your keys and they fit inside this thing.

It sounds like they are still working on integrating remote unlocking functions, RFID, and an LED flashlight into the housing of the Key-port. And it holds 6 keys, not 3.

----- altimar 27.04.07 09:55



what fags

----- thug nigga 27.04.07 09:55

This is totally awesome! Where is the prototype?

----- Marc-ee 27.04.07 08:57

way to tell us WHAT A KEY FOB IS. is it just for condensing all your keys? What’s this about remote entry? please learn communication skills.

----- Anonymous 27.04.07 07:35

The Moobius one is pretty slick too, but only holds up to three keys. The Key-Port looks like it holds six keys (not bad). I signed up on the Key-Port site for info, wonder how much it’ll cost.

----- Anonymous 27.04.07 07:10

That’s neat and all but I remember which of my keys does what based on the shape and color of the back end, not what the teeth look like. If I got one of these I’d have to try 2 or 3 keys on each lock before I could get a door open…

----- Jason Litka 27.04.07 06:54

if i lose that, i am so utterly screwed.

----- John Griffiths 27.04.07 06:54

Whoever posted the link and said “these are way cooler” is lying. For $500 USD you get an ugly “Mobius” key fob that only holds 3 keys. Get that spam outta here!

----- alexi 27.04.07 06:43

Considering most cars now use mirochips embedded in the heads of their keys in order to start the ignition, this thing would be kind of useless.

yep, this is what I thought too.

----- prince 27.04.07 05:10

Car is Bluetooth; doors are fingerprint. This thing looks cool but I don’t have any old-style keys anymore.

----- michael 27.04.07 04:55


----- Anonymous 27.04.07 00:55

What is so wrong about having three keys on a simple key ring? Seems to me that three keys on a key ring would take up less space then this “fob” gadget.

----- mike 27.04.07 00:21

you could sell 100x as many if you develop a version that holds awkwardly shaped door keys like schlage and kwikset , medeco , etc

----- mishaco 26.04.07 22:35

So hot!

----- Ivan Minic 26.04.07 22:21

Considering most cars now use mirochips embedded in the heads of their keys in order to start the ignition, this thing would be kind of useless.

----- Totally Infected 26.04.07 22:14

eh what is a fob…and what exactly does this do

----- jer 26.04.07 22:13

GAH! I had this EXACT SAME IDEA like 4 years ago. My wife thought it was ‘eh’. I should have DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT! SO UPSET!

----- pimpybra 26.04.07 21:06

where can i buy this ????????

----- aljosa 26.04.07 21:01

Woah! That looks awesome!

----- dw 26.04.07 21:00

Wow this is the koolest thing I have ever seen. Where can I buy one?

----- Colorado Mortgage 26.04.07 20:58

Must. Have.

----- Justin Belcher 26.04.07 10:57

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