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Moriceau Mrzyk Email- 04.06.07

Here at NOTCOT, a picture is worth more than any words could ever say ~ and following that perfectly, i got a mysterious email from Moriceau Mrzyk with a subject line saying “we love notcot!” and no body, just 4 images… 4 images that i can’t stop staring at… breathtakingly playful and black and white, pushing the way you view frames and murals and sculpture, see more below. I can only guess this email is from the dynamic duo Petra Mrzyk & Jean-Francois Moriceau which we posted about previously here… Anyhow, i felt the need to share these while they were still mysterious to me before i wrote back to find out more.






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very inspiring!!

----- dharma 04.12.08 02:58

love it - theres a installation @ ps1 nyc just saw - did you do that ?

----- drew lanza 07.08.07 10:31


----- Bill 31.05.07 10:03

wow! what wonderful imagination u got tickin up in your head. keep it flowing!

----- Lia 30.04.07 11:41

I like the third one,it’s filled with so many inmagenations.
Glad to see your work!

----- Q.Qming 17.04.07 02:20

wow, this is amazing!
it makes my happy place smile :)


----- Jo 12.04.07 09:10

I took a photograph of a tree in black and white and it cuts it off right at the bottom of the trunk. The roots from the first picture would be soooo perfect for that. I wish they made a kit for putting those roots on your wall! See it here

----- ismar 11.04.07 08:42

We like ;-)

----- Bramatteo 10.04.07 12:13

amazing!!! feaking awesome concept!!! post more info and pics as soon as you find out!!!

----- ana rojas 09.04.07 18:50

First one and third one are just awesome

Second doesn’t work at close up - i wish i could see it from a distance

----- Emode 07.04.07 06:51

Fantastic! I agree, that first one is amazing!

----- Amy 06.04.07 17:29

So fucking cool!! I love the first picture.

----- Mike 06.04.07 17:22

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