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PA Press Flip Throughs- 04.20.07

Princeton Architectural Press sent over a box of books ~ and to be honest, i have not quite mastered the online book review… especially on design/art oriented books. But to me, a first impression is key (as it is with people), and that initial flip through says a LOT, i mean seriously, if a book full of pictures can’t grab you quickly, what’s to make it seem any more interesting later? SO! That being said, and my experimenting with the camcorder while back in LA earlier this week, here’s a video flip through of the books they sent over. I was particularly taken by Tools of the Imagination and Blackstock’s Collection… so take a peek if you’re interested, and let me know if this is a format worth trying again?

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I think the format works well, even better than Amazon’s search inside in some ways. When I want to buy something that has pictures in I want to know how many pictures there are and how big they are, what the layout and the picture quality is like, etc., and all of that is apparent with a quick flip through. Only other thing one needs then is a piece of sample text and you’re good to go.

----- Ingrid 20.04.07 17:20

Blackstock’s Collection makes me think of Antenna - a magazine of collected items.

----- Hugh 20.04.07 12:45

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