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Reyka Vodka- 04.02.07

Reyka Vodka ~ from iceland ~ their ads on youtube have had me in stitches all morning (watch them all below). Her voice and outfit are ADORABLE… in a hilariously cute kind of way… and the black and white sketchy animated world she exists in is just brilliant. And her poignant arguments make me giggle too much this morning. So, while i can’t say anything about how good the vodka is, the ads certainly make me want to try some… gorgeous bottle as well. Check out their website here, its got some pretty woodblock style graphics.

“In iceland we like to drink vodka, because we like the taste of vodka… some countries like to drink the flavored vodka, but here in iceland, if you want the taste of banana, you just eat a banana. so the only flavored vodka we make, is vodka flavored vodka.”

“In iceland, we were the first to have a female president, and the first to make icelandic vodka. Your country cannot make icelandic vodka, but you can still make a lady the president, that is, (insert puffin humping her leg here?) unless you think the lady is only good for one thing.”

“In iceland, we have the best water in the world, but water on its own is not the most exciting type of thing, so we turn some of our water into vodka. Just like jesus, he turned water into wine. We’re not saying we’re like jesus. We’re not. We don’t talk with god, and we don’t wear sandals. It’s too cold.”

HAHAHA. so brilliant, so simple.

From their website:

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I love these ads, so funny. I found out that the girl is Hafdis Huld, an Icelandic pop star. You can get a free download of a song on the site. I got it, it’s good. And the Jesus reference is very funny, not religious. People are so strange.

----- Andy 10.07.07 07:33

Who is the girl ?

----- Marvin 01.05.07 02:00

The ads are good, but why include jesus? The add could of included some other idiotic words as the privious ads. It would of been just as funny. I was enjoying the ads until they went “religious” . quack quack

----- joe 14.04.07 05:49

I love the ads. And yes Reyka is a good Vodka….oh and yes the women do sound like that. Cute ain’t it! Go visit Reykjavik, it’s amazing.

----- Erikur 11.04.07 17:58

I always wanted to go to iceland, now i have another reason to do that :)

Really good ones!

----- Emode 03.04.07 09:34

those are great!.
why is icelandic stuff always so good?

----- marc fischer 03.04.07 07:39

reyka vodka is great. thats all i have to say :)

----- darren 03.04.07 04:34

Very cool ads! I wonder, can I get my very own Humping Puffin too?

----- The Slapster 02.04.07 21:30

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