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Trek Lime- 04.02.07

Two words. Automatic. Shifting. Yes, its a bike. And doesn’t it have “design awards” written all over it? (on the website, beware of the energetically peppy “lets go out and play” music) ~ This is Trek’s new LIME. On top of the automatic shifting and great design ~ you can stash stuff in your seat, and skin the colors any which way you want ~ and comes in male and female models, normal and light. (Something about LimeLight works too well). Shade Elaine notes that its a bit “web 2.0 looking” ~ if thats possible in a bike. Also, i’m liking their site/graphic design as well…





Trek Lime Homepage
More info at Gizmodo
More info and images at Bike Gallery, Portland, OR

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I own this bike and I love it!
It is my baby - and I have to treat it like one too - plastic components are not the best. I had to laugh when I saw the bike mechanic comment!

I have moved to a new, very hilly city since recieving this bike as a gift. I am considering selling it or trading in for a mountain bike. The auto shift is so cool and people are always impressed when they ask but does not perform well on hills.
This is definitely a boardwalk type bike - something easy for Sunday morning coffee and quick rides around the neighborhood.

----- LeaD 05.05.09 09:33

could you give some information about the lime trek bike : the price
the garantee

----- quan buu 12.11.07 14:32

LIME- Less Is More Expensive, for $500 and $600 I think not. I rode this bike an although it is a pretty comfortable bike that is just too much money.

----- RonyG 05.07.07 12:43

As a bike mechanic, let me be the first to say that trek routinely produces really awful products.

----- Greg 19.04.07 20:05

Ha! We’re huge NOTCOT fans so it’s cool to see a product featured that we have a connection to…. our company provided the music for the new Trek Lime website! Supercool. :)

----- Daniel 02.04.07 15:51

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