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Iceland Cometh- 05.21.07

Iceland Cometh - Icelandic Design Collective, Eve NYC Studio “Iceland Air presents a collective of Icelandic designers currently making their mark on the international landscape.” Iceland is huge this year. Especially at ICFF with Reyka Vodka and Iceland Air really getting out there, and strongly supporting all the design goodness in the Meat Packing District. Gorgeous space ~ more images below! Love the way the Butterfly pieces make use of both reflections and shadows, and the stances and silhouettes of the fashion pieces are just intimidatingly stunning. And the shadows created by the multilayered precisely cut wood flowers in the chair are incredible.








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Amazing butterflies!

----- Giu 27.07.07 07:25

There is much more in Iceland to see than what is monopolize in the show by Icelandair. Come to Iceland and check out what is being design( search deep) that is not in Cometh or design by the habitually persons/companies.
Judge your self not the lambs!!

----- Ausmondur 22.05.07 10:34

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