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The Wrong Store- 05.21.07

When is a store not a store? When the opening is a group of scenesters milling about in the street outside a 6x10 “come in we’re CLOSED” store, as black dunhills and CC Tobias Wong limited edition (of 2500) matchbooks and mini cups of RUSSIAN water* (dispensed out of pumps in pockets) are for the taking from the kids wandering around with trays… The Wrong Store, as only artist-designer Tobias Wong and Gregory Krum, retail director of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, could imagine it. As NYMag says, “the Wrong Store blurs design/fashion/art works by Richard Prince, Marcel Wanders, Herzog & de Meuron, Rodarte, Douglas Coupland, Maison Martin Margiela, Hella Jongerius, and others.” Pics below of the odd experience you need to see to understand.

*russian water = Stoli vodka/gin… served permitless on the street.









… that’s Tobias Wong! Big thanks for being such a sport and posing with the cups and such for me!


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congrats on the show i really loved it! i am a artist and i have a couple of pieces that might fit into something like this if you keep going with the idea. one is a bedding piece, and the other would be jewelry.details let me know if not, nice job. robert brush
ps. the bedding piece is mentioned in the miami harold,google my name with miami basel,its the end of the articule.theres a pic of the bedding in dart international magazine #20 spring edition in the miami basel section. cheers

----- robert brush 25.05.07 11:18

When you opened the post with “when is a store not a store” I was half expecting an announcement of new “NOTSTORE.” venture!

----- Andy 21.05.07 09:44

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