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Lancaster Watch Camera- 05.10.07

We at NOTCOT love our tech and gadgets. We love Batman and James Bond because they’re more or less just regular guys (however fictional… sigh) with awesome stuff. So what if they lived in, say, the 1880s? Perhaps they’d have this tiny pocket-watch camera (although it’s actually a lady’s watch… so maybe it’s one for Batgirl?). For some reason this just totally amuses me to no end. I keep picturing two spies hanging out, and one has this super techy tiny digital camera with satellite link up or something, and the other one busts out this antique thing. But at the same time, I gotta say this looks beautiful and intriguing. I’m sure someone spent a lot of time making it, and someone spent a lot of money to acquire it… it recently sold at auction for £18,000!Via Boing Boing.

i love this backside….

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Fantastic — As much as things change they stay the same. I’d love to see images taken with it!

----- Abbey 13.05.07 17:45

in love

----- Joey 11.05.07 07:54

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