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Rimowa- 05.10.07

On one of my obsessive design research missions - today i have been obsessing about elegantly designed functional carry on bags that are sturdy enough to withstand the elements, yet beautiful enough to not mind leaving out in your hallway. While working through options… i came across the Rimowa site and a few things jumped out that were visually noteworthy. Love the image of this case with all of the beat up stickers on it… almost enough to want to get one, stick a ton of great stickers on it, and beat it up travelling the world to get that perfectly aged effect. The Rimowa: Every Case Tells A Story Ad Spot and Making Of is just a brilliantly fast paced story that will make you wonder what your bags go through when you aren’t looking. And they even collaborated with Porsche to have cases the perfectly fit that tiny trunk space AND match your paint coat. And although their main navigation page was a bit annoying to browse, its still kind of an interesting concept as you float through the space (image below).

As for the roller carryon hunt - any suggestions? So far others that have popped up are Tumi LXT, Eagle Creek Velocity, Mandarina Duck Work and Isi, and Hideo Wakamatsu Wave, and Zero Halliburton rollers…


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i love my tumi - are u married to the roller idea - b/c i also have a jack spade that i use even more - it has gotten better with age and is the perfect size and design - just like everything else jack spade

----- matthew clark 11.05.07 10:32

i’ve been using the largest pelican roller - love it!

----- pluzall 11.05.07 08:53

i have two recommendations, based on exhaustive experience with rollaboards - (1) hideo wakamatsu, which you mentioned. specifically his half hard, half soft roll-on bags. they allow a little more flexibility when packing and seem to last forever. (2) victorinox, specifically the triax line which are semi-hard kevlar bags. they’re impeccably designed and thought out and i’ve had two that are still going despite the fact that i break pretty much everything i own. although i haven’t tried one yet, i’m also curious about the new marc newsom cases by samsonite. but they look a little small to me.

----- eric L 10.05.07 20:47

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