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Reeves Louis Bed- 05.28.07

One of my favorite design discoveries of ICFF was John Reeves. Adorably sweet, and designs that have haunted me since i first saw the booth… (late in posting, because i’ve been slowing on hooking up the scanner, and most images were in the catalog). So here is the bed i want… if you’re going to go with a four poster… yet black lacquer, and still some perpendicular edges while still having that playful flourish on the inside - brilliant contemporary baroque look & feel.




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I’m selling my old Louis four poster on eBay currently, for those who loved the design!:


----- Miss Reeves 12.09.15 08:18

LOVE , LOVE , LOVE this entire collection! I found it about a year ago at Heals but they do not ship to the U.S. I was wondering where can you purchase this in the U.S.?

----- debra kuehl 28.04.10 23:25

Hi, I have the bed in (UK) superking size which was purchased from Heals, Manchester. We totally love it, we just have a question - our previous superking mattress doesn’t fit due to the chamfered edges, it’s too tight. What UK size mattress dimensions should I be looking for? Many thanks, Paul Feehan. Manchester

----- Paul 23.02.10 12:25

I live in Maine, but willing to travel to Boston or order/ship this bed. Where can I find it or how do I order it in a standard king? (The Louis Bed.)

Mia Shorey

----- Mia Shorey 18.10.08 19:42

Right now I do not supply to France but I am looking for distributors. Please forward any buyers that may be of interested. Thanks, John

----- John Reeves 14.12.07 02:44

I work for the french magazine “Prima Maison”, and I would like to know if we can find the “Louis bed” of John Reeves in France, and where.
Thank you for your answer.
Best regards

Édith Garrault
Prima Maison

----- Édith Garrault 10.10.07 04:45

Well…..my name is Louis Reeves!! So I particularly love this bed!!

----- Louis Reeves 20.07.07 02:53

oh my goodness, I need that louis dining table. WHY do I have to live in cursed Arizona, the armpit of all things design!? How do I purchase that table?

----- maria Hathcock 11.07.07 08:31

“Putting the soul into post modern design” love it John

Love it

----- Dave Winkfield 28.06.07 02:20

What a bed!! When you making mine!!
Really proud of you John xxxxx

----- Maggie 22.06.07 13:37

Well done Bro,

Proud of you!

----- Frank 15.06.07 05:40

this bed is incredibly luxe. i can’t wait to get my own.


----- I HEART LUXE 06.06.07 19:11

I’m glad someone has pictures of the booth. John’s camera was stolen in NYC so we didn’t have any images to show non-attending customers. Now we can send them here. Cool!

All the pieces you see on the stand and more are available through Next Door Trends, the NA importer and distributor for all Reeves Design products. www.nextdoortrends.com

----- Dennis 31.05.07 08:48

Oh my, that is my dream bed!

----- PJ 29.05.07 14:59

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