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Reeves Design- 05.28.07

Reeves Design. In addition to the Louis Four Poster Bed, there’s a nice clean detailing to all pieces in the Reeves Design catalog ~ The mix of porcelain and teak is a beautiful combination. The Arthur chair was the second piece that grabbed me in the ICFF booth, it almost evokes a bathtub feel with those porcelain feet. “Arthur rediscovers caning to form a low slung lounge chair…classic cabriole legs… perforated oak frame… exposed rattan weave reminiscent of a strung tennis racket.” The Cadiz table has a slip cast white porcelain base with teak feet and a teak decking style top (reminiscent of teak deck/bathroom flooring). And finally, i love the way the Dovetail Shelving takes one of the “most respected joints in cabinet making” combined with white lacquered shelves and solid oak connectors, this piece is an incredible easily dis/re-assembled unit with no additional fixings.





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Hello to all interested in the REEVESdesign products. The REEVESdesign website is now officially online, please visit the site at www.reevesd.com
New products and further information is available; if you need further advice or a design request then please email me directly at john@reevesd.com

----- John Reeves 22.10.07 23:02

what is the price of the reeves dovetail shelving? i can’t find a price anywhere.

----- megan 15.10.07 18:29

Hello, I am interested in this bed for a clients house. Does it come in a king size? Please send me info thank you


----- christine van wormer 23.08.07 07:53

Love the shelving, so simple but such a strong design feature.

----- Kate Winkfield 25.06.07 13:50

Hi Cathryn,

Thanks for your appreciation of the Arthur chair, the caned seat is made by hand; each length of cane being passed through the wooden frame on a diagonal so that the caning is flush on the front.
Re the depth of the seat, the chair was designed with the intention that the consumer would “upholster” the chair with his/her own choice of cushions etc.. however I shall be launching a new “Spool” cushion specially designed to fit into this chair.

Thanks again, and all the best.

----- John Reeves 05.06.07 19:57


Love the caned chair and it’s lines, but the legs seem to be a bit large and dominate the piece. Course, that’s probably just what the designer was trying to achieve, right? Also looks a bit deep in the seat for those of us with short hip to knee ratio, or height challenged! Hehehe!

From a wicker repair and chair caning background, I’m interested in finding out if this design sports a traditional hand caned seat or a machine woven cane webbing. Couldn’t tell from the picture and the description doesn’t say either. Do you know?

If you ever need chair caning, wicker repair, upholstery or Furniture stripping and refinishing done, be sure to check out the Furniture Repair Directory at www.WickerWoman.com/repairdirectory.html to find experts from across the nation! Happy Weaving!

----- Cathryn Peters 29.05.07 16:38

Hooray! You can buy the Cadiz table at Heal’s Co (UK). See my post here:

----- Joanna Dyckhoff 29.05.07 09:36

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