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Wacom Bamboo- 05.15.07

We all have a soft spot for certain objects… on my long list are Wacom Tablets… especially in this gorgeous black, and not to mention it would look PERFECT next to the Logitech Di Novo Edge Keyboard. Saw this over at Engadget, apparently Wacom has a new tablet out in Japan, the Bamboo. Looks like a replacement for the low end tablets, but it sure is getting prettier.

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I saw this in the store today…
It looks great!
and it’s only about 9000 yen! (that’s 70-85$ CAN\US$)
for a lot more you can buy the smallest one in their old lineup.. but the bamboo is a little wider and a little shorter (A6 size)

----- DerekNobuyuki 25.06.07 08:34

I’m definitely picking it up if it its Canada. I’ve been looking for a cheaper tablet for some time and it looks like Wacom hit the nail on the head with this one.

Sleek, functional and inexpensive. Sweet.

----- steelfrog 16.05.07 04:58

hmm, i have a friend living in japan :)

this thing looks REALLY nice.

----- esotericsean 15.05.07 13:02

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