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Wii Sword+Shield- 05.15.07

Need to find more ways to make your Wii feel more realistic? Or more like when you were a little kid and had a battle with wooden (ok, so mine were plastic i think) swords? This new foam collection by Hong Kong based Brando were too hilarious. Sword, Shield and Knife? or is it a machete? or a curved bladed thing to swing around? So here’s a little set to help make those endless hours of Zelda more enjoyable… and red steel… and any other game you manage to use them with! via Red Ferret.

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Just a quick email about an technical idea I have been thinking about.

Just wondered. I have been working at shepperton film studios on a project which involved motion capture of actors movements and this got me thinking.
Motion Capture-AI Library

1) Perhaps you could have 2 individuals with sticks representing light sabres/ marker points(Null)placed at each end of sabre Hand/Top. Two individuals go through a week of fighting which is recording as data. Data fed into a software program that looks for patterns. ie. Attack move &d efence move to build up a library of null positions in global space of positions of sabre in relation to actions of individuals.

For example, when attacker say Darth Vader goes to strike you the player, the software will be aware of your predictive learned response & position (bit like 3 dimensional chess).

Also the player should in a way already be made aware of the forth coming attack move to a certain extent to byway of over pose/gesture by Darthleading to the attack to encourage player of the type of gesture.chop/slash/diagonal slash/stab. By this I mean encourage player to take up position that the predictive software library reason to be the likely location of the wii controller.

Also pose of say Vader is placed in AI learn positions (leaving himself open say mid section) soto encourage player to strike that particular region.

Software would be a) aware of the most likely on coming attack with defensive manoeuvre in the waiting cached.As with ie Kung Fu/Boxing individual open themselves up ie to encourage say a lower attack by you the player.

It is these learned gestures in form of recorded/predictive data would tighten up the global positioning of the Wii controller or rather pin down it most likely global position in relation to the individual. I think this way will help in some way resolve the issue of lack of global position/location of the Wii controller.

Issue of Force suggestion ,
Again an individual momentarily will pull his fist back inch before he/she punches. The timing of this could be measured.
Also Wii cursor acceleration accross the screen will also help pin down position & force velocity of sabre.

Also the start postion (player pose by way of an example as in Wii sport)/ pose & calibration could be tired down to the training mode&calibration. By this I mean the sabre held from groin area pointing towards the screen,arms lock & calibrated to crosshair pointer towards top of top of screen.

With the AI library I was thinking that the moves could be categorized first and put into folders. The director of the mocap should would instruct out Kendo trained actor to carry out an offensive strike and this would be recorded along with the variations of the defensive manoeuvre. So you end up with a set of known variable for each attack and defensive move. The game mechanics could be structure so as to force the player to carry out an instructed attack/defensive move in the training mode. in other words you have say only 10 attack moves & 10 defence blocks. A jedi Force graphic in the top corner could instruct you to begin with on the defensive position to adopt. including Feints.

The AI library would end up visually looking a bit like a 3d primary swatch with intersecting spheres.

With regard to the calibration/training mode a ghost like sabre could be used on the screen in which the play has to line up his/hers to. Press A when line up.

As with the processing power. The graphic could be simplified in that you take the background plate from the death star corridor where vader fights obiwan. the in the 3d package tile it so you have a 360 degree image. The place your vader character in the middle and do a global illumination render for the lighting. The in-game camera would be pretty much fixed so the resulting rendered image of Vader in the various attack.defence positions will have the lighted pre-calculated before getting anywhere near the wii. The resulting image of vader could be broken down to head+main body and made in a sprite the arms+sabre could then be polygon models. At the time of rendering out vader in 3d environment a specular Pass could be carried out and this could the be animated as a simplified polygon over the texture mapped(taken from rendered image)polygon arms+sabre. This would cut down the processing power require.

Back to locking down the position of the light sabre/wii controller. You could use a cheap stripped down nunchuk & a plastic tube/wii controller holder. The 2nd accelerometer would be position at the top of the tube ( 4.5ft approx) this would create a 2nd Null top & bottom of handle. The 2 Nulls would be compared Ie a defensive position from the Kendo stance to a horizontal block handle to right top of sabre to left would result in the bottom Null move faster & differently to the top Null & again if the block was reverse (handle to the left)
. MkII sabre could incorporate the Nun-chuk joystick bit at the bottom. Or the accelerometer could be clipped to you chest to detect upper body movement/ including sensing duckink.

There is a company that makes a light sabre attachment for the wii controller perhaps they should contact Lucas Arts or Nintendo could bring out a generic sword for these types of game & controller 2 could be used as a shield in say Prince of Persia style games.

I have also posted this onto the Lucas Arts forum & will on Wii Talk

Perhaps an open source games development group could be set up

Also forgot to mention that the only other polygons would be in the scene would be in the form of the objects that Vader hurls towards you when you start getting too good. He could the boot you in the chest and the sabre light wipe to the next level, also the sabre light wipe could be used to reset the scene to a certain extent. It5 would be nice in the training mode to have that Ball thing taken from the film backplate and the ship interior at the backlplate.

Also with regards to the light from sabre this could be as a separte layer or this colour influences the specular polygon on Vader and other Character/objects

The backplate could be place on one polygon if necessary.


I think an open source software development forum where software companies & individuals and All contribute to refine an open source code to work for thses type of add ons. To be used in games such as Roman Total War, Prince of Persia Clash of the Titans. etc

----- Andrew Russell 01.12.07 02:01

haha thats so kwl i know sum 1 who wuld love runnin bout in there room with that (and hes 17 lol)and a zelda whizz

----- the kid next door 27.06.07 00:02

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