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Burst Labs- 06.06.07

The Discover interface of Burst Labs is mesmerizingly brilliant ~ and there’s a melody for every mood you could possibly feel or imagine, and truly one of the most refreshing flashy user experiences i’ve encountered recently. Burst Labs is the latest brainchild of The Burst Collective: which Compose + Produces Music, Licenses Music, Records Music, and now gives you an incredible multi sensory experience to browse this ambient digital music space. Odds are you’ve already heard their music and didn’t even realize it… (the list of shows has too many that i’m sure you know to even figure out which to tell you about). So the next project i do that needs a soundtrack, sound clip, or if i were to play some music here on NOTCOT, i’ll definitely be looking at Burst Labs.

These screenshots surely don’t do the interface’s subtle movements and fluid browsing justice, so go take a poke at it for yourself.

Also, if you ever want to make the soundtrack to your life… tv/movie style… this is where you go!

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very cool. it reminds me of an interactive thesaurus that i used to pitch a concept to a client: www.visualthesaurus.com.

----- angie 07.06.07 07:33

This site (burst) is probablly one of the most amazing sites I’ve seen. Honestly, you’re in one mood & there’s music to play it out.

Simply amazing.
I love it.

----- Angela Morabito 06.06.07 20:43

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