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Obama + Design- 06.22.07

While i tend to stay out of politics, and do keep it off this site… (although we did mention that Barack Obama started his own social network my.barackobama.com earlier - because it is interesting to see a candidate jump into the myspace/facebook realm)… i am impressed with the 008 The Movement campaign visuals: the nicely designed buttons, stickers, and shirts. Is Barack Obama trying to appeal to the designer set? Or does he really appreciate the importance of design? Anyhow, just wanted to show you some pics of the cool schwag.



The 008 placement… who is he? the next bond? (and on that note, i guess this year being 007 ~ truly is the year of the bond.)

Portraits by brilliant photographer Kiino Villand.


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Where can I get the Obama 008 t shirt?

----- shawn ryan 12.11.08 13:06

You can get this gear at www.008themovement.org, which just recently underwent a facelift…

----- Bim 07.09.08 13:54

So how can we get some of these shirts and buttons ?

----- matt 03.07.07 05:57

Windy ~ never said he was the first to make good use of social networks… more that it was amusing that he set up his OWN competitor to facebook/myspace, while others simply have accounts on those, etc.

----- notcot 24.06.07 16:04

Obama wasn’t the first to make good use of social networks by a long shot. Howard Dean’s candidacy and Meetup went hand in hand four years ago. John Edwards had myspace and facebook presences months before Barack Obama.

I like the art style, but the picture of him looks 20 years old. Not sure that will work to his advantage in a general election.

----- Windy 23.06.07 10:18

he’s got a Twitter account as well, which pushes himself in the geeky web world for the cool though it seems he has an assistant do all the twitters for him:

----- tango 23.06.07 09:31

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