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i’m in like with you INVITE- 06.05.07

For one day only ~ I’m in like with you gave us an invite code (NOTC) for any of you to join their exclusive beta of this hot new “online flirting site”. And to be honest, you don’t have to go there to flirt, you can go and play games - get to know people - explore their innovative UI… after all this site is going to change the you envision social sites, and the user experience will blow you away, not to mention they are only in the first stages of it. This site has been hyped throughout the internet the last month or so, and i’ve been playing with it quite a bit (i even started a game for you to come join me and test things out).

Lost? I’m in like with you has been introduced as an “online flirting site”: with their own monetary system (points: you start with 500, and you earn more as you do simple things like login, answer questions, play games - like WoW or SL) and the interaction between users is through games ~ simple questions and challenges you present, and people bid points to play and give you quick little responses. You can wink at a user to encourage them… and at the end of the game you can pick the winner, allowing you to message them through the internal messaging or im, or even sms or call them, without divulging the phone number on either side! (Nice touch to maintain privacy). Although this is starting out with the flirting and game playing, there is a lot of potential here, and this just may become the next social site you use to browse your rss feeds, chat with friends, the usual… and then some. More screenshots below.

You can browse through users and use an assortment of views ~ additionally they have the menu on the bottom which keeps you up to date and allows you to pop up your friends list, mute all the crazy bubbly sounds, track your games, etc.

One of the most noteworthy features currently live are CAMTOYS! Adorably enticing live cam toys that captures video from your webcam and automatically overlays interactive bubbles, star bursts, and fire where it notices movement… live! Try it out, even if you are too shy to show it off to the world, its pretty amusing to experience.

Here’s my game i started for you guys…

This is definitely a new site worth watching as designers, UX/UEDs ~ and as general web users… Sign up here.

And here’s a screenshot of where I’m in like with you may be headed… flashier, slicker, and everything you need in one place (without having to “look like an internet rice rocket.”) [click to view larger]



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The invite code no longer works :(

----- bob 05.07.07 17:24

I want in on this site. It’s the (real) sole purpose for every online social network ever made!

----- Mitzi 25.06.07 12:30

I love NotCot. Thank you for the invites to IILWY.

It’s like MySpace, but with games to flirt. It’ll be sold for a pretty penny soon no doubt!

----- CK 06.06.07 07:47

I know there’s a lot of mechanics and design to this, but when it comes down to it, bidding on girls (guys) just seems demeaning to me.

----- Dan 05.06.07 20:02

omg, i heart luxe, but i am totally in like with this site. a social network revolution.


----- i heart luxe 05.06.07 19:11

jeez, talk about OS X worship.

----- alex_pastepunk 05.06.07 17:21

Too many hipsters.

----- Amit 05.06.07 16:15

strangely addicting.

----- david aka Kahnowerh 05.06.07 14:51

I adore this site! It’s totally addictive and they’ve made some major improvements in the last few months.

----- geeksugar 05.06.07 14:41

whoa, this is pretty darn amazing. their site is so interactive!

----- esotericsean 05.06.07 12:29

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