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AR+COOK- 07.22.07

AR+COOK (Art & Cook) has some incredible designer gadgets for your culinary side. Left to right - citrus reamer, masher, twirl whisk, egg whisk, jet whisk, pizza roller… and that is only a mild black and white selection from their collection… they have quite the assortment of bright colors as well. Apparently Art & Cooks true claim to fame (beyond award winning design) is their Airgonomic handles - “While air is in the handle, zinc is in the core. A strong, durable material that is resistant to stains and scratching, zinc provides a long, maintenance-free life for more than 60 years. The weight of this metal allows the tools to work more efficiently, reducing the need for users to exert excessive force when completing the cooking tasks at hand.” ~ diagram of the Airgonomic handles below.


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2 years ago,Xmas, at Nordstrom Rack, I bought a lg. skillet and a griddle. I have many pots and pans, your brand is my favorite, I cannot find anywhere. I live in the Washington D.C. area, Montgomery Co. Md. Please tell me where I can find your cookware. Nothing burns in them and I love the wood handle. Thank You, M. Reiman

----- Marge Reiman 11.12.17 08:37

Handle broke off on egg beater whisker are there any guarantees on your product.?

----- cyndy 30.08.11 19:28

they look great and the handles are comfortable, but have you felt how heavy the citrus reamer is? It is a bonafide weapon. I couldn’t imagine juicing more than a lemon or two at any time without my wrists aching.

----- sabrina 23.07.07 12:37

it looks like alli, the diet drug packaging.
did exley do those too?

----- xavpires 23.07.07 10:53

these products were designed by a really talented industrial designer ( and my friend) Ross Exley.
He now is jazzing stuff up for Martha Stewart.

----- erica 23.07.07 08:08

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