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Jealous Computers- 07.21.07

Jealous Computers, apparently quite the outbreak is happening… well according to JealousComputers.com, the latest viral Nokia N95 campaign. Much like their Great Pockets campaign earlier, this one is a beautifully glossy website, complete with loads of youtube videos of “attacks” of laptops and pcs which are jealous of the new N95. Interesting twist, submit your own stories and videos for t-shirts… check out PSAs, attack videos, the shirts, their “how to deal with jealous computers at work” saftey poster, and even their N95 Disguise Mug below!

Close up of one of the ads ~ getting smacked across the face by a keyboard - ouch!

If you upload a story/youtube video… you can pick a free shirt, the mens red says “I survived a jealous computer attack” and the girls pink says “Keep small pets away from jealous computers” - nice motivation to get the viral rolling.

Screenshot of the main page

They even semi-designed products to go with this whole crazy campaign… the half mug?

The “Safety Poster” to hang at work… on how to deal with jealous computers at work.

Here’s are more silly videos from it:

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4 Notes

It’s a Belgium ad agency called These Days.

----- sanam 23.07.07 09:05

Most of the campaign is clever but “Laptop marks on a young woman’s face” is pretty terrible.

----- Chris Blow 22.07.07 21:57

lol at the nokia n95 disguise. haha.

----- suzanne 22.07.07 14:17

Great work!

----- Mark 22.07.07 02:18

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