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Belkin N1 Vision- 07.23.07

One of the most interesting new products announced by Belkin in the last week is definitely their N1 Vision router, and i got a chance to play with it in person at the Belkin Press Event last week. Finally a router that you don’t need to hide beneath a desk, or behind your couch, that you only look at when your internet is down and you need to reset it. This one has a large digital display and one large button to navigate through its quick overview screens showing you everything from your speed, upload/download usage, devices connected, and even the date and time! (Yes your router just became your room clock). With its sleek and slim upright design, i can already see this replacing airports aesthetically (although no printing/wireless speaker hookups).

Also, while at the event, Belkin was kind enough to let me take a few snapshots of the gorgeous packaging for the N1 Vision, unfortunately the lighting in Vessel was terrible for photographing, but the images below should give you a good idea for now. Basically Belkin is really taking the user experience of its products very seriously, from the time you open the box, to every day usage. They have designed both the box and router to need minimal contact with the user… you unwrap, you open, and there is the router with an easy lift tab, and just below that lays two clearly labeled boxes for the power supply and network cable.





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Unable to reserve static IP in router, which is a very important feature. Sad on that, others ok.

----- iieeann 30.04.09 22:20

This is a bad piece of kit. It doesn’t allow a machine with a static IP (like a mail server) access to the internet via the ethernet ports. There is no place set this. It does work if you set-up DHCP. But then you need to check your mail-servers IP as there is no hostname to IP mapping allowed.

Lovely looking bit of kit. The implementation is rubbish!

----- David 18.05.08 12:54

do you really think someone might have been able to create a router like that just in half a year when iphone’s design has been available?

funny guy.

----- Anonymous 26.07.07 08:52

Is this a router or the iPhone? Yay, copycat innovation.

----- Amit 23.07.07 22:50

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