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Insufficient Data - 07.24.07

Insufficient Data! Tom’s Cruise! Crazy giant squid factory/symbol thing! This map blew me away, and i impulse bought it. Actually it’s a shirt. The fabric details were just far too funny to not buy (its a 55DSL diesel men’s shirt - it was on sale). Check out the details of other great places like Current Data Uncertain, Cape Beer, and the Stall Votex as well as some other creatures. My favorite phrase has long been “hic sunt dracones” which medieval map makers put in unknown regions… perhaps today’s version is now “insufficient data”? More close ups that amuse me below, and yes, i finally show you the shirt in its entirety as well. I’d love to turn this shirt into the lining for a purse or something, somewhere where you look for unknown things……








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Great idea! It’s a shame the pattern is so obviously repetetive.

----- Joakim Nygård 25.07.07 06:18

There is something about the dark gray spaces that reminds me of alligator heads.

----- Shelby 24.07.07 14:01

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