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Belkin @ Vessel- 07.19.07

Belkin held their SF Press Event today at Vessel, and Linhchi and i stopped by to see their latest products up close and personal. It was (or is, since its on for another half hour) a dark underground lounge space that managed to feel dark when it was an extremely hot and sunny day above ground… and filled with open bar, appetizers, washable mice, more ipod and iphone cases than you knew what to do with, routers, laptop coolers, USB hubs galore, and more. So, honestly i don’t even know where to start… how about you jump below and you can get a feel for the event, what was there, what we liked… and everything in the Belkin gift bag too (which feels kind of like a back to school bag… go see, and it will make a bit more sense). And it was far too fun to play with the washable mouse in person!

First thing we loved? Belkin Laptop Cooling Stand - i was actually mesmerized and impressed with this… they gave the whole “heat rises, so our fan actually pushes air up and out the sides” spiel. But it works, its quiet, and it has a great curvature to it that allows the air to flow through center, cooling just where my macbook pro is burning my lap right now.

Next favorite, and the one thing we were actually dying to come see… the Belkin Washable Mouse… and exciting news? It will also be coming in GREY (picture below) and BROWN! (she described it as a chocolatey kind of brown)… so for everyone else that didn’t love the blue, there are other options. And it really did live up to its name, with a rubbery feel, the buttons are below the protective layer, and that white strip in the middle is a trackpad for scrolling. Its also incredibly light and floats, so we were imagining the possibilities of in pool/tub usage to control your wall projected computer.


Here’s the grey! On the Mousetrap (which is also incidentally in the goodie bag).

Mice in moustraps…

Next, in no particular order are a bunch of pics to give you a feel for what else was there, and how Belkin used the Vessel space to showcase their products, and schwag at the far bottom.







Here are some shots of the fuzzier side of Vessel, which was an interesting contrast to all the smooth hard electronic accessories we were surrounded by.


Here is the Belkin Gift Bag ~
See? With your Belkin Pencils, Belkin black spiral bound notebook, usb key in your mini brown paper sack (with lanyard, case, usb extension), hand painted postcards to write home with (?), and the MouseTrap to carry much of it in… all in your Belkin Tote Bag, it’s as if you’re ready for the first day of school!

Most interesting? Apparently this gift bag was put together by Silla Pere and is very green friendly: “By calculating the carbon emitted through electricity usage and transportation of our guests, goods, and also ourselves, Belkin is ‘offsetting’ a portion of these emissions through investing in an equivalent amount of third-party verified green house gas reductions.” The reusable bag is made from 50% post consumer recycled polyester, notepad from 100% recycled post-consumer recycled paper and board, pencils from 75% recycled paper newsprint, and the postcards were made from vintage “paint by numbers” paintings.

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If Belkin gets any sexier, they’re going to need to file a 2257 Release Form. Rawr!

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